Admission Requirements for International Students

Penn State requires specific supplemental materials to accurately review international student applications.

Required Application Materials

Penn State requires a number of different materials from international students to complete an application. Please review the following requirements to ensure you can provide all of the proper documentation to complete your application.

  • Academic Records
    • Secondary School Records
    • Post-Secondary School Records
  • English Language Proficiency
  • Standardized Tests

Academic Records

Penn State requires first-year international applicants (not transfer students) to complete the Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR) portion of the Penn State application, unless their country of schooling is South Korea.

For students required to complete SRAR

Those first-year international students who complete SRAR and who accept an offer of admission to Penn State will need to submit final official secondary school transcripts as soon as possible. These documents will be used to validate the information submitted through SRAR.

In order to know what is required to send, please review our list of required credentials from various countries.

The following requirements apply to documents required from admitted students:

  • All documents submitted for review must be official, that is, they must be either originals or copies certified by the examining board, an official at the institution, the Ministry of Education, or consulate. A “certified” copy is one that bears an original signature of the registrar or other designated school official, an original impression of the institution’s seal, or signature/seal of the examining board. Uncertified or notarized copies are not considered official documents.
  • All documents should be submitted in the original language. All documents in languages other than English must be accompanied by a certified line-by-line, literal English translation.
  • Should the school, examining board, Ministry of Education, or consulate mail the official document to you, the applicant, rather than Penn State, please forward the unopened envelope to Penn State. Official copies that are not sent directly to Penn State and are opened by the applicant can no longer be considered official.
  • Records can be faxed from the high school or examination board to 814-863-7590, or mailed to:

Penn State Undergraduate Admissions
201 Shields Building
University Park, PA 16802-1294