Adonai College Courses Offered

Short Courses

CourseAmountModuleDurationNew classes start every second Monday
Pastel accountingN$3 000$2002 Months
Web designN$2 500$2002 months
Book –KeepingN$2 500$2003 months
Office ProceduresN$2 500$2003 months
Networking FundamentalsN$1 500$2006 weeks
Ms AccessN$1 000$2004 weeks
Ms excelN$1 000$2004 weeks
Business CommunicationN$3 500$2003 months
Report writingN$800—–2 weeks
Customer careN$800—–2 weeks
Effective CommunicationN$1 000$2004 weeks
Keyboard sillsN$800—–4 weeks
Internet UseN$500—–1 week
PC repairsN$2 800$2002 months
Telephone EtiquetteN$ 500—–1 week
Business FinanceN$1 500$2002 months
Word processing and document mergingN$1 000$2004 weeks
System Administration using windows serverN$2 500$2002 months
Image Consulting and BrandingN$2 500$2008 weeks
Project ManagementN$1 500$2003 weeks
Business Plan writingN$1 500$2002 weeks
Project Proposal/Dissertation WritingN$1 500$2002 weeks
Essentials of Public Relations ManagementN$1 500$2006 Weeks
Microsoft Office Professional Level 1Level 2Level 3$1 000$1 000$1 000$ 2006weeks for each level
  • Department of Languages
CourseSkills/ Subjects
ESOLBasic Level4 MonthsLevel 1·         Reading·         Writing·         Listening·         Speaking
Intermediate level4 MonthsLevel 2·         Reading·         Writing·         Listening·         Speaking·         Computers in English
Advanced Level4 MonthsLevel 3·         Reading·         Writing·         Listening·         Speaking·         Oral Presentations



Subfield: Information Technology and Computer Science

Course TitleOutcomes of Learning/ Learning Outcomes
Introduction to ICTDemonstrate an awareness of the main components of an ICT system (input, output, and storing, retrieving, processing, communicating data) and awareness of practical software application programs used in business organisations.
Computer Fundamentals And Troubleshooting ProceduresDemonstrate and apply relevant knowledge of Computer Fundamentals and Troubleshooting to resolve hardware and software problems
ICT Hardware and Equipment Installation and ManagementDemonstrate and apply relevant knowledge of ICT hardware and Equipment Installation and Management
ICT Repair Centre Maintenance ProceduresApply relevant knowledge of ICT Maintenance and repair procedures to ensure that IT infrastructure is well maintained for longevity
Information Systems And NetworksDemonstrate and apply relevant knowledge of Information  Systems  and Network to enhance business processes and effectiveness
Practical ICT Software and Operating Systems ManagementImplement and demonstrate relevant practical knowledge in applying and Implementing relevant knowledge in I.T Networking
Practical IT NetworkingImplement and demonstrate relevant practical knowledge in applying and implementing relevant knowledge in I.T Networking
AttachmentApply relevant knowledge to business and support of IT operations to ensure efficiency, correction and continuity.

FIELD: Business, Commerce and Management Studies

Subfield: Project Management

Project ManagementDemonstrate relevant knowledge and skills in managing projects to allow for planned and controlled implementation of IT projects


Subfield: Office Administration

Introduction To BusinessDemonstrate relevant knowledge in Business Management to allow for creation of start-ups and effective management practices.


Subfield: Communication

Communication SkillsApply knowledge to  empower students to undertake more insightful case-study analysis, write successful essays, and produce influential documents and become proficient practitioners of communication
  • Department of Health and Safety
COUNSELLINGYear 1Certificate in Counselling Semester 1               Ethics in CounsellingIntroduction to CounsellingIntroduction to Computers in CounsellingIntroduction to Statistics in Counselling
Semester 2Counselling of Special PopulationsGender IssuesIntroduction to Assessment Methods in CounsellingCommunication Skills in Counselling
Year 2Diploma in Counselling         Semester 1Psychodynamic TherapiesCounselling of Children and AdolescentsSubstance and Person AbuseCognitive  and  Behaviour Therapy
Semester 2    Life Span Development CounsellingCareer Guidance & CounsellingPsychopathologyCommunity Based l
Year 3Advanced Diploma in Counselling    Semester 1    – Advertisement -Crisis Counselling & Anger ManagementCounselling at the WorkplaceAssessment MethodsMarriage and Family Counselling
Semester 2    Pastoral CounsellingMental Health CounsellingCounselling People with Disabilities 11HIV and AIDS Care and Counselling
  • Department of Business
Course TitleOutcomes of Learning /Learning Outcomes
Principles Of EcosystemDemonstrate a theoretical understanding of the principles of ecosystem and apply preventive measures from degradation.
Occupational Health and Safety ManagementDemonstrate and apply relevant knowledge of preventative health practices and management of occupational health hazards and risks at the workplace based on (OHSAS 18001: 2007).
Water Supply Hygiene and SanitationDevelop and employ good hygienic skills and employ broad knowledge of good health and sanitation methods to be used in industries to prevent outbreak of water related diseases.
Introduction to Environmental Health.Develop and implement skills and knowledge relevant in the management of environmental health diseases and other issues.
Accident investigation, safety health and environmental auditingDemonstrate and carry out accident investigation, safety, health and                       environmental auditing principles at the workplace to eliminate unsafe work environment.
Fire ProtectionEmploy broad practical knowledge and skills of fire protection and control in industries and natural environment.
Safety, Health and Environmental LawInterpret and implement legal and other requirements and procedures of Safety, Health and Environmental laws to determine conformity in industries.
Climate ChangeDemonstrate an in-depth knowledge of climate change concept, causes, and effects and employ preventative measures to adapt to the impacts.
Occupational First AidDemonstrate and apply knowledge and practical skills of first aid in the workplace to disaster victims in industries
Environmental PolicyDevelop and apply theoretical  knowledge and skills on process of formulation of environmental policies in occupational strands
Disaster ManagementDevelop and employ broad practical knowledge and skills in disaster planning, prevention and preparedness in all levels of occupation to ensure better recovery after loss of life and property.
Environmental Health and Safety AttachmentDemonstrate and apply theoretical knowledge and skills in solving industrial health and safety problems in the workplace.


Subfield: Communication Skills

Course TitleOutcomes of Learning /Learning Outcomes
Communication SkillsApply relevant skills of verbal and non-verbal communications across settings, purposes, audiences and practical skills necessary to work effectively in theworkplace


Subfield: Promotional Health

Course TitleOutcomes of Learning /Learning Outcomes
HIV and AIDS EducationDemonstrate knowledge and skills in the management and promotion of HIV and AIDS awareness and prevention at the workplace.


Subfield: Information and technology

Course TitleOutcomes of Learning /Learning Outcomes
Information Communication and TechnologyDemonstrate an awareness of the main components of ICT systems (input, outputs, storing, processing, communicating data) and awareness of practical software application programs used in business organisations.


Subfield: Project Management

Course TitleOutcomes of Learning /Learning Outcomes
Project ManagementDemonstrate and apply knowledge and skills in promoting health and safety of employees during the project implementation process.


Pastel accounting              10 daysN$2 500
Essentials of Book –Keeping              10 daysN2 500
Business Communication              5 daysN$1 500
Report writing              5 daysN$1 500
Customer care              5 daysN$1 500
Effective Communication              5 daysN$1 500
Telephone Etiquette              5 daysN$1 500
Business Finance              5 daysN$1 500
System Administrationusing windows server              5 daysN$1 500
Image Consulting and Branding             10 daysN$2 500
Project Management             10 daysN$2 500
Business Plan writing              5 daysN$1 500
Project Proposal/Dissertation Writing              5 daysN$1 500
Essentials of Public Relations Management             10 daysN$2 500
Entrepreneurship              5 daysN$1 500
SME Management              5 daysN$1 500
Payroll Management              5 daysN$1 500
Hazard management              5 daysN$1 500
First Aid              5 daysN$1 500
Stress Management             10 daysN$1 500
Change Management             10 daysN$2 500
Team Building training             10 daysN$2 500
Coaching and mentoring              5 daysN$1 500
Motivational Training              5 daysN$1 500
Health and safety in the workplace             10 daysN$2 500
Financials for Non -Financial Managers             10 DaysN$2 500
Policy Development and Management             10 DaysN$2 500
Monitoring and Evaluation             10 daysN$2 500
Fundamentals of Human Resource Management             10 daysN$2 500
Negotiation Skills and Conflict Management             5 daysN$ 1 500
Professional Business Writing Skills             10 daysN$2 500