AECI Mining and Chemical Services – Namibia Current Job Vacancies

AECI Mining and Chemical Services – Namibia Current Job Vacancies


AECI Mining and Chemical Services Namibia (Pty) Ltd, Acting through its AEL Mining Services Division, supplies a range of explosives solutions to mines and quarries in the area.

Products include surface and underground bulk emulsions, electronic delay detonators, packaged explosives, Au prill, and a range of on-site delivery vehicles, such as Mobile Manufacturing Units (MMUs).

AECI Mining and Chemical Services Namibia (Pty) Ltd have a regional office in Swakopmund, and an explosive and accessory magazine at Karibib in the Namibian midlands, which is licensed to store 1,000 cases of packaged explosive products and 400 cases of initiating systems.

AECI Mining and Chemical Services Namibia (Pty) Ltd was established in 2007, and during the same year implemented trials for electronic detonators with Rössing Uranium Ltd, which was the first mine to attempt the wireless blasting system.

In December 2007, AECI Mining and Chemical Services Namibia (Pty) Ltd commenced the construction of magazines just outside Karibib to supply major gold mines. In February 2008, the magazines were licensed for 1,400 cases of explosives.

AECI Mining and Chemical Services Namibia (Pty) Ltd target smaller blasting operations in the civil construction and quarrying sectors as well as the larger gold and uranium mining companies. The global shortage of ammonium nitrate during 2009 presented the company with the opportunity of supplying a significant quantity of imported ammonium nitrate porous prill to Rossing Uranium Mine.

Several trial blasts were recently undertaken at two of the larger uranium mining companies, utilizing AEL’s S100 Eco range of bulk emulsion explosives, delivered from a re-pump Mobile Manufacturing Unit (MMU). The trials also incorporated high-speed photography and video analysis of the blasts, conducted by AEL’s Mining Optimisation division.

Other trials in the region have been conducted for leading mining and construction companies.

In May 2008, AECI Mining and Chemical Services Namibia (Pty) Ltd received its first magazine stock from South Africa and has since then supplied more than 25 mines and private companies in Namibia.

Why work for us?

AECI Mining Explosives is at the global cutting edge of explosives technology with its extensive range of products, solutions, and applications in the mining, quarrying, and construction industries.

We are an organization that is continually evolving with innovation, growth, and development firmly embedded in the company’s culture and its people.

Employees and students are involved with day-to-day activities and view AECI Mining Explosives as a “University of Doing” – what better place to study, learn and grow?

With a focus on developing our people and building leadership potential among existing and potential employees, we are known for the investment it makes on an ongoing basis. Existing employees are invited to take advantage of the educational opportunities available to them and promotions are considered internally before positions are made known externally.

Furthermore, the company offers developmental interventions that are presented internally and to students who wish to supplement their studies by joining the team from early on in their educational journeys.

Examples of the developmental interventions available include:

SETA-accredited artisan training

Mining engineering leadership programs

Explosives technician training

Logistics and procurement training

Chemical operations leadership programs

Management development programs

Study loans and in-service training for university of technology students

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