African Leadership University (ALU) Mature Age Entry Application Form

African Leadership University (ALU) Mature Age Entry Application Form

Minimum eligibility requirements for ALU Rwanda

Completion of a final national secondary school exam and graduation from secondary school with a certificate of secondary education on an A-Level or equivalent;

Having taken a minimum of 2 A-Level subjects or equivalent with a principle pass, and a C average national exam grade;

Evidence of having attained sufficient English language proficiency. See the English Language Proficiency requirements here.

Are there any program eligibility requirements?

Programme eligibility requirements for the Bachelor of Software Engineering

The programme eligibility requirements require prospective students to have an A-Level (or equivalent) in Mathematics or Computer Science with a minimum C grade. In the absence of the required grades in Mathematics or Computer Science, an A-Level (or equivalent) in a related scientific or technical subject (such as Physics, Engineering etc) with a minimum B grade shall be considered.

Individuals seeking to enroll into the Software Engineering programme will be asked to meet additional requirements such as taking and passing a test.

The minimum general eligibility requirements must be met before programme specific requirements will be considered.

What is ALU looking for in an applicant?

At ALU, we take a holistic approach when looking at your application. This means that your grades are as important to us as your leadership potential and fit.

The general eligibility requirements are indications of the academic level we deem necessary to excel in the ALU environment. As such, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with them.

However, meeting the general eligibility requirements or falling just short of them, is not the sole determinant of your admission decision.

Our holistic admissions process considers how your leadership potential and fit, in addition to your grades, will not only bring value to the ALU community but also allow you to excel academically given the challenging nature of our programs.

As such, our application is designed to provide you with a platform that will enable you to showcase your unique strengths and background on multiple fronts.

African Leadership University (ALU) Tuition And Fees Structure

What are the requirements to transfer from one campus of ALU to the other?

Students wishing to transfer must meet all requirements for transferring to any of our other campuses (see our admission policy for details).

Students may reach out to the Registrar’s Office for further information on how to begin this process.

What are the requirements to transfer to ALU if I am transferring from another University?

All individuals intending to transfer to ALU from other universities will be required to go through the ALU admission process.

If admitted, ALU will consider requests for credit transfer and review them on a case-by-case basis. Incoming ALU students should expect to complete our full degree programmes as we cannot guarantee you will receive transfer credits.

African Leadership University (ALU) Online Application Form

Are there any age requirements?

All applicants are welcome to apply regardless of their age. However, all the applicants below 18 years of age will need to formally demonstrate parental or legal guardian consent.

Check African Leadership University (ALU) Mature Age Entry Application Form

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