Akilah Institute For Women, Kigali (AIWK) Courses Offered pdf

Akilah Institute For Women, Kigali (AIWK) Courses Offered pdf

The Akilah Institute is a non-profit college for women in Kigali, Rwanda. It is the first college for women in the country. The Institute offers three-year diplomas in entrepreneurship, hospitality management, and information systems. Akilah is accredited through Rwanda’s Ministry of Education.

Below Are The Courses Offered at Akilah Institute for Women, Kigali (AIWK)

AIWK Degree Courses

Bachelor of Science in Accounting(Accounting)

Bachelor of Science Education(Education)

Bachelor of Agribusiness(Agribusiness)

Bachelor of Rural Development(Rural Development)

Bachelor of Education in Arts(Arts)

Bachelor of Forest Plantation and Agroforestry(Forest Plantation and Agroforestry)

Bachelor of Microfinance(Microfinance)

Bachelor of Science in Anthropology(Anthropology)

Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Management(Entrepreneurship Management)

Bachelor of Crop production(Crop production)

Bachelor of Animal Production and Health(Animal Production and Health)

Bachelor of Science in Renewable Energy(Renewable Energy)

Bachelor of Arts in Social Work(Social Work)

AIWK Diploma Courses

Diploma in Animal Production and Management(Animal Production and Management)

Diploma in Crop Production and Management(Crop Production and Management)

Diploma in Microfinance(Microfinance)

Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Management(Entrepreneurship and Management)

Diploma in Agribusiness(Agribusiness)

Diploma in Accounting(Accounting)

Diploma in Social Work(Social Work)

Diploma in Renewable Energy Engineering(Renewable Energy Engineering)

Diploma of Higher Education in Rural Development(Rural Development)



 Location: Kigali, Rwanda

 Telephone Number: +250 788 384 060

 Email Address: info@akilahinstitute.org

 Website: https://www.akilahinstitute.org/