Alabama State University Early Admission

Alabama State University Early Admission

Early Admission

Are you high school student who has exceptionally high grades and ACT or SAT scores? Are you ready to get a jump-start on your college degree? If so, Alabama State University’s early admissions program may be just right for you.


For consideration as an early admission candidate, you must have completed your junior year of high school with a minimum grade point average equivalent to 3.5(B) on a 4.0 scale. Grade point averages will be evaluated from the following subject areas: social sciences, mathematics, English and natural science.


Minimum scores of 24 on the ACT or 1100 on the SAT exams are required for consideration as an early admission candidate.

Applications must be accompanied by an endorsement from your parents and counselor or principal. Recommendation for early admission will be made by the Director of Admissions and Recruitment, with final approval by the Admissions and Recruitment Committee.


Once you’ve been granted approval for early admission, you’ll be required to meet with the dean of University College and the area chairperson for the department in which you’ve indicated an interest in a major. The purpose of both meetings is for individual advisement concerning academic requirements while enrolled at Alabama State University.

We require early admission students to register for a minimum of 12 hours (full-time) per semester, but not more than 15 hours.

After you have completed requirements for the University College core curriculum, the limit on credit hour loads per semester can be lifted.

We recommend that early admission students enroll during the summer after completion of the junior year of high school.

Early admission students will be restricted to the core curriculum while enrolled in University College. After completion of the core curriculum, you may select courses of your choice within your indicated major field.

Early admission students will be assigned a special adviser from the Academic Advisement Center while enrolled in University College. After you enroll in a degree granting college, another adviser will be assigned.

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