Alberta University Of The Arts Mature Age Entry Application Form

Mature Students

Mature (Nonmatriculated) Applicants

The Faculty of Arts gives special consideration to mature (nonmatriculated) applicants for admission. To be considered for admission as a nonmatriculated applicant, a student must be 21 years of age or older by the first day of classes of the term in which admission is sought.

Subject Requirements

(1) English Language Arts 30-1 or 6 in transferable English at the 100-level

(2) Another 30-level subject from Group A, B, or C (or equivalent)

(3) Presentation of Faculty minimum average on (1) and (2), and a competitive AGPA if any postsecondary-level course work is presented.

(4) Presentation of no more than 21 of postsecondary-level course work. Any applicant who has successfully completed 24 or more at the postsecondary level will be considered a transfer applicant. (See §§15.2.13 and 14.2.1.)

Other Requirements

(1) No failure of an academic course in the three years before the date of intended registration.

(2) See general non matriculated requirements §14.4.

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