Algoma University Current Prospectus

Algoma University Current Prospectus


Regulations and policies are also outlined in the policy section of the Algoma University website at:

Students have a responsibility to:

• Familiarize themselves with degree requirements;
• Familiarize themselves with the regulations and policies of the university and its academic departments;
• Ensure they register for the courses necessary to satisfy their degree requirements

The University Academic Calendar is published annually for the information of prospective students, current students, educators and the public. Every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy and completeness. Changes are continually updated on the University website.

The University reserves the right to change without notice any information contained in the Academic Calendar, including but not limited to that related to tuition and other fees, standards of admission, course delivery or format, progression of study, and the offering or requirements for the granting of degrees, diplomas, or certificates in any or all its programs

In the event of disruptive events beyond its reasonable control, the University will not be liable for any failure, delay or any other issues related to academic progression arising out of any cause or causes beyond its reasonable control.

Disruptive events includes, but is not limited to fire, strike lock-out, inability to procure materials or trades, war, mass casualty event, flood, local, regional or global outbreak of disease or other public health emergency, social distancing or quarantine restrictions, legislative or regulatory requirements, severe weather, failure of public utilities, or attacks or other malicious act, including but not limited to attacks through the internet, or any internet service provider or hosting facility.

If the University takes decisions in the face of such disruptive events, it will do so having reasonable regard to, among other things, the direction of medical or all levels of government, as appropriate, and will use its reasonable efforts to minimize the academic consequences to its students.

• Tuition and mandatory fees continue to be set regardless of the method of instruction, and will not be
refunded if the event instruction is interrupted and/or occurs by an alternative delivery model for all or
any part of the academic year. Fees and program costs are approximate and subject to change without
notice. To ensure an accurate quote, contact Financial Services or Student Accounts;

• The University may revise, at any time, the format of course offerings, curriculum, course outlines,
academic milestones, grading options, and, more generally, the manner of delivery of courses, programs,
services, co-curricular opportunities, are all subject to change or modification.

• Students are responsible for the continuing completeness and accuracy of their individual academic
records and for ensuring they satisfy the graduation requirements of the program in which they are

Please refer to for an electronic version of the Algoma
University Academic Calendar


Students are responsible for becoming familiar and complying with the general academic regulations of the University as outlined in this section. Additionally, students must be familiar and comply with the regulations of the respective program in which they are enrolled. The program requirements are found in the respective program sections of this calendar.

As you review the academic calendar, you may find that program requirements have been revised. Typically, students must satisfy the program requirements at the time of admission. As changes are
made to program requirements, students may choose to complete their studies under the most current requirements or during their graduation year.

Under no circumstances will students be allowed to complete their program requirements using a combination of both requirements.

University Registrar
David Marasco
Ext. 4218 or email

For more information, please contact the following:
Ext. 4220 or email

Ext. 4227 or email

College Pathways / University Transfer
Ext. 4264 or email

Student Success And Wellbeing
Ext. 4212 or email

Academic Advising
Ext. 4238 or email

Anishinaabe Initiatives Division
Ext. 4815 or email

Experiential Learning
Ext. 4372 or email

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