Antioch College Tuition And Fees

For most students, a private Antioch College education actually costs about the same as a public college, and we are often more accessible than other private colleges. 

We believe that meeting educational costs is a partnership between the College, the family and the student. Most students invest in their education through personal savings, family contributions and federal student aid.

Check our Net Price Calculator and learn more about financial aid.

Please note that we require that students live on campus in a residence hall and be on a meal plan, with the exception of the annual cooperative education term. Visit Student Financial Services.

Cost of Attendance

Direct Cost
Tuition (Full-Time)$35,949
Community Govt. Fee$219
Student Service Fee$825
Orientation Fee$150
Graduation Fee$50
Total Direct Costs$44,783
Indirect Costs – Estimated
Books and Supplies$1,200
Medical Insurance Expenses **$2,100
Co-op Expenses$2,000
Personal Expenses$1,500
Total Indirect Costs$8,000