Antioch University Online Admission Tuition Fees

Undergraduate Tuition

The total cost to complete a bachelor’s degree at Antioch University Online varies based on a number of factors including area of concentration, credit received for prior life and work experiences, and the credits that would transfer into your BA completion program. Our students typically transfer in between 45-60 semester credits. A minimum of 120-semester credits is required to complete a bachelor’s degree.

Bachelor’s Completion – All majorsTuition: $416/semester credit hour

Graduate Tuition

Individualized Master of Arts$703 per semester hour
Master in Human Services Administration (MHSA)$572 per semester hour
MA in Nonprofit Management$572 per semester hour
Master of Business Administration$572 per semester hour

Doctoral Tuition

ProgramCostCost (eff. Jan 2022)
EdD in Educational & Professional Practice$925 per semester hour$953 per semester hour

Additional Fees

Fee DescriptionCost
Re-enrollment Fee$50
Student Services Fee$75/semester (This fee includes services related to technology support, library services, the writing center, help desk and live support assistance.)
Transcript (1st class mail)With Narratives = $15
Without Narratives = $10
Transcript (overnight UPS)$35 minimum (additional surcharge as needed to cover delivery costs)
Late Registration Fee$50
Late Payment Fee$50
Return Check Fee (per check)$25
Replacement Diploma Fee$20
Payment Plan Fee$30
HIPAA Compliant Software Tool (CMHC Online program only)$197