Athabasca University Courses Offered

Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduate courses are studies that can lead to a bachelor’s degree, diploma or certificate. Our open enrolment means that anyone 16 or older can take undergraduate courses.

ACCT: Accounting 10 courses

ADMN: Administration 9 courses

ADST: Architectural Design Studio 7 courses

ANTH: Anthropology 26 courses

APST: Applied Studies 9 courses

ARCH: Architecture 8 courses

ARHI: Art History 3 courses

ASTR: Astronomy and Astrophysics 4 courses

BIOL: Biology 14 courses

BTMA: Business Technology Management Administration 3 courses

CHEM: Chemistry 10 courses

CLAS: Classics 2 courses

CLST: Cultural Studies 2 courses

CMIS: Computers and Management Information Systems 7 courses

CMNS: Communication Studies 21 courses

COMM: Communications 4 courses

COMP: Computer Science 40 courses

CRJS: Criminal Justice 15 courses

ECOM: e-Commerce 1 courses

ECON: Economics 14 courses

EDPY: Educational Psychology 11 courses

EDUC: Education 11 courses

ENGL: English Language and Writing Skills 5 courses

ENGL: English 34 courses

ENSC: Environmental Science 3 courses

ENTP: Entrepreneurship 1 courses

ENVS: Environmental Studies 5 courses

FNCE: Finance 10 courses

FREN: French 17 courses

GEOG: Geography 10 courses

GEOL: Geology 8 courses

GLST: Global Studies 16 courses

GOVN: Governance 10 courses

HADM: Health Administration 13 courses

HERM: Heritage Resources Management 9 courses

HIST: History 40 courses

HLST: Health Studies 4 courses

HRMT: Human Resource Management 8 courses

HSRV: Human Services 8 courses

HUMN: Humanities 8 courses

IDRL: Industrial Relations 8 courses

INBU: Indigenous Business Studies 2 courses

INFS: Information Systems 1 courses

INST: Indigenous Studies 23 courses

INTR: International Relations 4 courses

LBST: Labour Studies 9 courses

LGST: Legal Studies 9 courses

MATH: Mathematics 25 courses

MGSC: Management Science 9 courses

MKTG: Marketing 8 courses

MUSI: Music 3 courses

NURS: Nursing 17 courses

NUTR: Nutrition 6 courses

ORGB: Organizational Behaviour 6 courses

PHIL: Philosophy 17 courses

PHYS: Physics 8 courses

POEC: Political Economy 6 courses

POLI: Political Science 23 courses

PSYC: Psychology 41 courses

RELS: Religious Studies 6 courses

SCIE: Science 4 courses

SOCI: Sociology 29 courses

SOSC: Social Science 1 courses

SPAN: Spanish 6 courses

TAXX: Taxation 2 courses

WGST: Women and Gender Studies

Graduate Courses

Graduate courses are advanced studies and generally require an undergraduate degree for admission. Many graduate courses can be taken by students not enrolled in a program on a space permitting basis, and can be applied towards degree requirements, should you choose to enroll in the program.

ADST: Architectural Design Studio 3 courses

ANTH: Anthropology 2 courses

APRJ: Applied Project 1 courses

ARCH: Architecture 5 courses

BEHV: Behaviour Analysis 1 courses

BOLT: Blended and Online Learning and Teaching 9 courses

CFIN: Corporate Finance 1 courses

CHPO: Hockey Specialization Orientation 1 courses

COMP: Computer Science 33 courses

CPEX: Comprehensive Exam for Phase One 1 courses

DDBA: Doctorate of Business Administration 12 courses

EBSH: The Business of Hockey 1 courses

EBSL: Business Law 1 courses

ECGR: Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility 1 courses

EDDB: Due Diligence for Business 1 courses

EDDE: Doctorate of Education in Distance Education 6 courses

EDST: Educational Studies 6 courses

EEIM: Energy Industries and Markets 1 courses

EEPM: Essentials of Project Management 1 courses

EFIC: International Finance, Investment and Capital Flow 1 courses

EFNC: Innovation Finance 1 courses

EGMK: Global Marketing Management 1 courses

EGMM: Game Day Management & Marketing 1 courses

EHOP: Hockey Operations 1 courses

EICH: Integrated Marketing Communications for Hockey 1 courses

EISM: Implementing Strategy Through Management Evaluation 1 courses

EKLI: Knowledge, Learning, Innovation and Performance 1 courses

EMDC: Managing Diversity for Organizational Sustainability 1 courses

EMGT: Macroeconomics and Global Economic Trends 1 courses

EMHR: Managing Human Resources Across Borders 1 courses

EMHS: Marketing Hockey Strategically 1 courses

EMNO: Management of Non-profit Organizations 1 courses

ENVD: New Venture Development 1 courses

ENVS: Environmental Studies 2 courses

EOCH: Making Sense of Organizational Change 1 courses

EPMG: Project Management Governance 1 courses

ERMS: Security and Risk Management 1 courses

ESDB: Sustainable Development and Business 1 courses

ESLS: Strategic Leadership 1 courses

ESMT: Services Management 1 courses

ETDW: Business Transformation in a Digital World 1 courses

ETIM: Technology and Innovation Management Strategy 1 courses

FMAC: Financial and Managerial Accounting 1 courses

GCAP: Graduate Counselling and Applied Psychology 22 courses

GLST: Global Studies 5 courses

GOVN: Governance 4 courses

HCKY: Certified Hockey Professional – Professional Education Program 1 courses

HERM: Heritage Resources Management 9 courses

HIST: History 1 courses

HRMT: Human Resource Management 1 courses

INST: Indigenous Studies 1 courses

INTS: Information Technology Strategy 1 courses

LBSC: Operations Balanced Scorecards 1 courses

LCCL: Cross Cultural Leadership for Global Advantage 1 courses

LCHP: Coaching for High Performance 1 courses

LCIM: Continuous Improvement & Quality Management 1 courses

LCIW: Creating the Inclusive Workplace 1 courses

LDMF: Decision Making Using Financial Information 1 courses

LGSC: Green Supply Chain 1 courses

LGST: Legal Studies 6 courses

LHRM: Introduction to Strategic Human Resources Management 1 courses

LLCP: Capstone 1 courses

LLCR: Leading Creativity 1 courses

LMOC: Leading People Through Organizational Change 1 courses

LMPM: Manufacturing Project Management 1 courses

LNCR: Negotiation and Conflict Resolution 1 courses

LOSL: Outsourcing and Logistics 1 courses

LPDC: Process Design and Control 1 courses

LRKM: Risk Management1 courses

LSAM: Safety Management 1 courses

LSCI: Strategic Communications 1 courses

LSCM: Strategic Supply Chain Management 1 courses

LSMI: Strategic Management I1 courses

LTDV: Team Development 1 courses

LTIN: Technology and Innovation 1 courses

LTLC: The Leadership Challenge – Exploring the Leader Within 1 courses

LTST: Literary Studies 5 courses

MAIS: Master of Arts Interdisciplinary Studies 35 courses

MBAO: MBA Orientation 1 courses

MDDE: Master of Education in Distance Education 30 courses

MEDM: Ethical Decision Making 1 courses

MEQA: Managerial Economics and Quantitative Analysis 1 courses

MHST: Master of Health Studies 26 courses

MKMT: Marketing Management 1 courses

NURS: Nursing 41 courses

OPMT: Operations Management 1 courses

POLI: Political Science 1 courses

PSYC: Psychology 3 courses

RAFM: Applied Hockey Franchise Management 1 courses

RDBS: Doing Business in the Asia-Pacific 1 courses

RDLD: Developing Leaders 1 courses

RIBR: International Business: Understanding and Managing Legal Risks 1 courses

RMRR: Financial Markets, Risk Management, and the Regulatory Environment 1 courses

RSCM: Supply Chain Management 1 courses

RVET: Visionary and Entrepreneurial Thinking 1 courses

SOCI: Sociology 2 courses

STMT: Strategic Management 1 courses

STOA: Strategy and Organizational Analysis 1 courses

WGST: Women and Gender Studies 2 courses

WRNM: Writing and New Media 1 courses