Athabasca University Online Registration

Register for courses

Once you are an Athabasca University student (program or non-program) you can register for your courses online at any time. Undergraduate courses start the first day of each month, but you must register and pay your fees by the 10th of the previous month to begin on the first. You can also choose to set a start date for a course up to 5 months in advance.

Online registrations for September will be opening soon. Please watch for updates in myAU.

Program students

If you are enrolled in an AU program, you should review your program requirements (program regulations) before registering for courses.

Current undergraduate program regulations are found within each program in the undergraduate calendar. A list of current and archived program regulations are also available.

Requirements and regulations for graduate programs are found on the graduate calendar website and on each program website.

If you need help deciding which courses to take, contact a program advisor for assistance.

Non-program students

If your application to Athabasca University was successful, you can start registering for courses immediately – just like everyone else.

Course availability

Our courses are revised periodically to make sure the content stays relevant – those courses are unavailable during the revision period. Some other courses need professor approval, which can be requested during the online registration process. Check the course availability

How to register for courses

You must register and pay by the 10th of the month to start your course on the 1st of the next month. You can also set a start date up to 5 months in advance. Your actual start date will depend on when your registration is received, so you’ll want to register early:

  1. Choose your courses.
  2. Log in to myAU. You will need your student ID number.
    • If this is your first time logging into myAU, your password will be your birthday (YYYYMMDD).
    • You will need to change your password and choose a security question after your first login.
  3. Click on “Register in a Course.”
  4. Confirm your address.
  5. Select your start term, subject and course(s).
  6. Pay your course fee(s) to complete the registration process. See methods of payment.
  7. You will receive an e-letter confirming your course registration within 2 weeks.

Start now

After you register

You will receive an e-letter in myAU with your tutor or support information 1–2 weeks before your course starts. In most cases, you will also be able to access your courses from myAU before the official course start date.

Apply to become an AU graduate student

You can get started on your application whenever you’re ready. Graduate programs have a multi-step application process. Most programs have application deadlines and intakes happen on a specific schedule.

Graduate programs and courses are advanced studies and generally require an undergraduate degree for admission. Doctoral degrees and post-masters certificates and diplomas require a master’s degree for admission.

Once you have accepted your offer of admission, you can begin registering for your courses. Please note that most programs require you to pay an admission fee after you’re accepted into the program.

Enrolling in a graduate program

Athabasca University’s graduate student application processes vary from program to program. Read the general application process below, then find your program to see its specific requirements and processes.

Application deadlines

Unlike our undergraduate programs, most graduate programs have specific intake dates. If you miss an application deadline, you will have to wait for the next intake to apply – this could be up to a year for some programs.

Be sure to review your program’s information carefully so you can meet all the necessary requirements in time for your application deadline. See all graduate programs

Applying for a graduate program, step by step:

Specific requirements vary from program to program, but generally involve the following steps.

  1. Request approval to start an application (if required).
  2. Complete the Graduate Application Form and pay the non-refundable application fee. If you are applying to a Business Graduate program, follow this link.
  3. If you have ever been an AU student in the past, log in to complete the application.
  4. If you are a new AU student, be sure to write down your student ID number at the end of the application process. Your ID number will also appear on your printed or e-mailed receipt if you choose one of those options.
  5. Submit a program-specific application form (available either as part of the application or on the program website).
  6. If necessary, arrange for official transcripts to be sent directly from post-secondary institutions you have previously attended.
  7. Gather and complete other materials required by the program you are applying to. These could include a resumé, a biography, questionnaires, or letters of reference.

Apply now

Taking graduate courses

In order to take graduate-level courses, you must satisfy certain prerequisites, which in most cases include an undergraduate degree. However, you don’t need to be enrolled in an Athabasca University graduate program to take our graduate courses.

Many programs allow you to take a limited number of courses as a non-program student. Each program has a different limit and a different application process. Check each program’s website for specific details.

Courses you successfully complete as a non-program student may be applied toward your graduate program when you become a program student.

Graduate students enrolled at another school

Visiting students

If you’re enrolled at another university and want to take an AU course for one of your program requirements, you also register as a non-program student. We encourage you to get a letter of permission from your school to ensure your AU credits will transfer to your program. This is for your own records – you don’t have to send it to AU.

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