BA ISAGO University College Online Application Form

Ba Isago University College Application Form


The Admissions Process followed by BA ISAGO University is described below. All prospective students’ are required to follow the steps outlined to enable them to enrol at BA ISAGO provide they meet the requirements as outlined below.

1. Enquiries

The University welcomes all candidates wishing to study at BA ISAGO to enquire about the courses offered; the admission requirements; fees charged; and any other questions that they may have regarding their area of study. The University will respond to the questions either by telephone or in writing. Students may access all the contact details in the Home/Contact Page.

2. Applications

Candidates meeting the admission requirement may submit their Application Forms to the University. Prospective undergraduate applicants may download Application Forms from this site or obtain the Forms from University Admissions Office at the three campuses. The forms must be returned directly to the Admissions Offices at the University.

Application Requirements:

The following documents and fees must be submitted together with the completed Application Form:

The original and an uncertified copy of your highest school qualification even if you have completed a degree at another university or University and

The original and an uncertified copy of ID document or passport. and

A copy of any official correspondence stating one’s change of name (ifapplicable) or one’s marriage certificate (applicable only to married women) and

Evidence that one has satisfied any additional requirements for the programme as identified in the rules for the relevant degree or diploma.

BA ISAGO University College Online Application Form