Bahamas BGCSE Online Grading System


The national examinations are all graded on a seven (7) point scale, i.e., A – G. All grades indicate a measure of positive achievement. Grade ‘A’ denotes the highest level of performance while grade ‘G’ denotes the lowest level.

The national examinations assess candidates’ grasp of key concepts, knowledge, skills and competencies required by the syllabus. Here is a general guide to what each of the seven grades indicates:

Knowledge – specific, appropriate and comprehensive; evidence of exceptional comprehension skills, and outstanding high order skills – problem solving and critical thinking skills
B. Knowledge – specific, appropriate and comprehensive; evidence of exceptional comprehension skills; very good high-order, problem-solving, critical thinking skills.
C. Knowledge specific and appropriate to the task –evidence of sound comprehension skills; good high – order, problem-solving skills.

D. Knowledge specific and appropriate to the task – comprehension evident, critical thinking / problem-solving skills satisfactory.

E. General basic knowledge exhibited, also evidence of ability to comprehend this knowledge and limited problem solving skills.

F. Basic knowledge still limited – goes beyond the recall, recognition level to show some understanding of this basic knowledge; very limited problem– solving skills evident.

G. Limited basic knowledge about the tasks required and only at the recall or recognition level – with no comprehension and no problem-solving skills evident.

The ‘U’ grade indicates that the candidate has failed to show positive achievement in the subject.

The seven – point grading scheme ensures a sharper distinction between the qualities of performance at each grade.

The grades can be categorized as follows:

A, B and C (Above Average)

D (Average)

E, F and G (Below Average)

The year 2018 marks the twenty-fifth sitting of the Bahamas Junior Certificate examinations since its re-introduction in 1994.

Approximately eleven thousand eight hundred twenty-seven (11,827) candidates from a total of one hundred twenty-three centers were registered to sit examinations for the thirteen subjects offered. The candidates came from seventy-two (72) independent/private centers and fifty–one (51) government schools. The overall candidature represents a 2.46% decrease over 2017.

The total number of grades awarded in 2018 was 42671 as compared to 2017 which was 44403. This represents a decrease of 3.90%

Again this year, Mathematics and Language Arts were the two most heavily subscribed subjects.

The following list shows the comparison between the number of candidates offering to sit each subject in the 2017 and 2018 BJC examinations. Spanish and French were reintroduced last year.

Bahamas BGCSE Grading System