Bamalete Lutheran School Of Nursing Courses Offered

Bamalete Lutheran School of Nursing Courses

Courses On Offer

BLSoN offers advanced midwifery programme which takes 2 years (4 semesters). The entry requirements are as follows;

  • Minimum Diploma in General Nursing plus 2 years clinical practice.
  • Must be registered with Nursing and Midwifery Council of Botswana
  • Must posses BGCSE or its equivalent with minimum grade D in English, C in Maths, Biology and Physics/Chemistry, Science Double Award, Combined Science& additional Combined Science or any other combination
  • Pass interview

The course include the following MODULES:

     MID 411: Community Midwifery Care

     MID 412: Family Planning

     MID 413: Ante-Partum Care-low risk

     HGE 401: Computer Applications in Health Care

     HGE 402: Communication Skills and Public Relations

     MID 421: Intra-partum Care-low risk

     MID 422: Neonatal Care-low risk

     MID 423: Post-partum Care-low risk

     MID 424: High risk Perinatal Care

     PHS 204: Research

     MID 531: High risk Perinatal Care (Practicum)

     MID 532: Neonatal Care-high risk

     MID 541: Family Planning Practicum

     MID 542: Ante-partum Care Practicum

     MID 543: Intra-Partum Care Practicum

     MID 544: Post-partum Care Practicum

     MID 545: Neonatal Care Practicum

     MID 533: Leadership and Management

     MID 534: Professionalism

     MID 535: Counseling for the Child-bearing Families