Baptist Theological College Of Southern Africa Online Application Form

Baptist Theological College of Southern Africa Application Form

Baptist Theological College Application Form – see details below to download the application form to apply.

Baptist Theological College of Southern Africa Application

Baptist Theological College of Southern Africa (BTC) has five campuses located in the southern parts of the Tshwane metropolis. Tshwane South offers vocational courses in a variety of fields at each of its campuses, and it facilitates distance and part-time learning.

Application Process

Admissions Policy

In keeping with its mission statement, it is the policy of the college to provide equal opportunity for all applicants regardless of race, gender, creed, or educational background. All potential students will be eligible for selection provided they meet the requirements below:
• They are truthful on their application forms.
• They are in possession of all the necessary documentation inter alia registration documentation duly completed
accompanied by all supporting certificates, recommendations, etc.
• Should the contact students be granted an interview, undertake to assist the interview committee to arrive at a fair evaluation and display a willingness to abide by the recommendations of the interview committee.
• They are able to sustain themselves financially and must be willing to meet their fee obligations.
• They have read and accepted the College’s Statement of Faith as outlined in this prospectus and on the website.
• They are willing to adhere to the College Rules & Regulations.
• They respect fellow students, especially those from other parts of the African continent and parts of the world.
• They demonstrate the commitment to meet the demands of study.

Application Documents and Further Assistance

Potential students wishing to study at BTC are directed to our website ( to obtain relevant information, downloadable forms and other items of assistance. Should a potential student require any additional assistance or advice they are welcome to request an interview with the Registrar who will assist where possible.
Potential students that apply to study at BTC must note that only once all the necessary forms have been received and where applicable, the accompanying fees paid in full, will their applications be processed.

Kindly check the links below before your proceed:

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  • Baptist Theological College of Southern Africa Courses Offered


is designed for Christians wishing to equip themselves in a specific area of Christian ministry; namely in pastoral studies.

Prospective full-time learners should note that there is a possibility that subjects may clash on the timetable. In such an instance, some subjects may need to be done on a distance-learning basis.

Entrance Qualification:

Matriculation or equivalent. Applicants with less than matriculation will be considered on merit.


Is a three-year degree designed for Christians wishing to equip themselves in a specific area of Christian ministry; namely in biblical studies.

Outcomes-Based Education

The College applies the principles of Outcomes-Based Education (OBE). OBE is designed to teach students specific knowledge and principles that can be demonstrated in measurable outcomes. This method greatly assists students
to fulfill the objectives of the programs for which they have been enrolled and to achieve the standard requirement.

Practical Competency

The College has made enormous strides in the last decade in practical competency. Students can only graduate once they have significant practical ministry experience. They are also required to be involved in a local church while studying at BTC. Students’ assignments require different aspects of practical experience. Input from church and ministry leaders regarding student performance in specific ministry assists in measuring the ‘OBE’ objectives. We believe that God has equipped us to develop and train
men and women who have a desire to be better equipped for ministry. Our particular focus areas are training people
for long-term, effective ministry as pastors of local churches, youth pastors/workers, and cross-cultural missionaries.

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