Belstar Training Centre Mauritius Admission Requirements

Belstar Training Centre Mauritius Admission Requirements

Higher Education Commission (HEC) Accreditation

Belstar Training Centre is accredited with HEC since 2008 to run the ICSA programme. The HEC accreditation letter is available to sponsoring employers for HRDC’s G1 form.

Higher Education Commission (HEC) Accreditation

Belstar Training Centre is accredited with HEC since 2008 to run the ICSA programme. The HEC accreditation letter is available to sponsoring employers for HRDC’s G1 form.

1. Notice to Applicants
It is your responsibility to ensure that you meet ICSA Entry Requirements. The ICSA Office in Port Louis (tel 2084549) may provide you with clarifications. At Belstar Centre we shall be happy to help you with the documentation required for exemption application.

2. The ICSA Programme

The ICSA programme consists of THREE levels:

1. Foundation Level

2. Level 1

3. Level 2

2.1 Foundation Level covers FOUR sections examined in a SINGLE 3hr paper.

Section 1: Business Environment

Section 2: Company Law

Section 3: Principles of Compliance and Company Administration

Section 4: Principles of Accounting

2.2 Level 1 consists of the Four modules below each is examined in a 3hr paper:

1. CLA Company Law.

2. CCA Company Compliance & Administration

3. COG Corporate Governance

4. IFAI Interpretation of Accounting and Financial Information

2.3 Level 2 consists of THREE modules. Each is examined via a 3hr paper:

1. DOS Development of Strategy

2. RMA Risk Management

3. BOD Board Dynamics

3. Entry Requirements

3.1 Entry Requirements for Foundation

ICSA has no entry requirement for this level. However as per local regulations we can enroll only holders of any of the following:

HSC: 3 subjects at A Level and 1 subject at subsidiary level

HSC: 2 subjects at A Level and 2 subjects at subsidiary level

GCE: A Level 3 subjects.

3.2 Entry Requirements for Level 1

Successful Completion of Foundation or any of the following qualifications:

a. Qualified lawyer or accountant

b. Completed a law or finance degree (please refer to 4)

c. Completed a selected business degree (contact ICSA Student Support team for more information)

d. Completed an HND in Law, Accounting or Business Management

e. Completed an ICSA Level 5 Diploma in International Finance and Administration (IFA) or Diploma in Offshore Finance and Administration (DOFA)

f. Have a degree (not law – or finance-related) plus five or more years’ experience in a company secretary-related role.

3.3 Entry Requirements for Level 2

Completion of Level 1 through exams or exemptions

4. Exemptions for Degree Holders

Qualication Held                        Eligible to exemption from
Law or Finance related Foundation
Law DegreeCompany Law
Finance degreeInterpretation of A & F information

Application for exemption are to be emailed to ICSA well in advance of the start of courses with attachments of scanned certified copies of degree certificate and transcripts. Belstar Management will be happy to assist with authentication of copies.

5. Semester Dates for admission Intake

First Semester (May/June Exams) 2nd  Semester (November Exams)
9th Jan23-May10-Jul13-Nov
8th Jan21-May09-Jul12-Nov

Courses are run on Saturdays and exceptionally on Sunday morning to catch up  on sessions missed as a result of inclement weather/public holidays/unforeseeable event.

6. Time table for First Semester of academic year (Courses leading to May/June Exams)

Starting on 9th January
Level 19.00-11.3012.30-15.00
Starting on 6th February
Level 213.30-15.30

7. Provisional Enrolment is available to applicants

Applicants awaiting HSC results should attach 2nd Term school results to the enrolment form.

Belstar students awaiting Foundation results may join Level 1, subject to Satisfactory attendance and performance during preceding semester.

Final Year University students not yet in possession of their university exams results may enrol provisionally too and proceed with ICSA registration and exam entry formalities within prescribed deadlines.

In the event, the enrolment is not finalised by 6th February , Tuition fees paid will be refunded after retention of Rs 1,000.

8. Course Fees

8.1  Tuition Fees

Foundation: Rs 8,000
Level 1 & 2: Rs 9,000/module

8.2 ICSA Fees for year ending 31 July

RegistrationOne-off fee£191
Student MembershipHalf-year – (1 Feb – 31 July)£69
Module FeesExam entry£ 160
RegistrationOne-off fee£79
Student MembershipHalf-year – (1 Feb – 31 July)£69
Module FeesExam entry£160

applicable only to those joining in January.

Enrolment form must include a letter from the Sponsor accepting liability to pay fees.

HR should submit G1 application to HRDC one week  before  course starts.

Information for completing G1 form will be provided to HR on request by email.

Tuition Fees should be settled before course starts.

ICSA Registration Fees and Exam Entry Fees should be paid directly to ICSA.

10. Mandatory Confirmation
The submission of an enrolment form  is a confirmation that you have read, understood and accepted unreservedly the contents of documents below each accessible on a click:

View Rules & Regulations

View Refund Policy

View Students Charter

View Complaints Policy

11. Documents to be Submitted with your Enrolment Form
1. NID Card
2. Certificate meeting entry requirements
3. Letter of Sponsorship, if applicable

12. Cost Estimates for ICSA Studies up to Level 1
(based on ICSA Prices @1st August and GBP exchange rate as Rs 60 /£)

One off Registration£191
One year Membership£138
Exams Fees£157
Study Text£45Total 531 @ Rs 60 = Rs 32,000
Tuition Fees                                  Rs   8,000Total Rs 40,000
LEVEL 1Four modules are assumed to be completed over Four continuous semesters.
Membership Fee£138 per year x 2 = £276
Exams Fees£157 x 4               = £628
Study Text£45 x 4                 = £180
                    Total = £1084 @ Rs 60 = Rs 65 000
Tuition Fees for Four ModulesRs 9,000 x 4                                    = Rs 36,000
Total (Rs)                                                          = Rs 101,000

13. Study Loans from Financial Institutions
Many financial institutions have put in place dedicated loan schemes for students. Those enrolling with Belstar may be provided on request with a report on costs to lending Institutions.

14. Requests for Placement
Unemployed students seeking a placement may send a request with their CV to Management.

15. Payment to ICSA

Fees for Registration, membership, exams and exemptions may be paid in Rupees via Belstar subject to strict deadlines and procedures as per details to be posted on the Students Notice Board as from 9th January .

16. Download Enrolment Form
Ideally the enrolment form should be downloaded, printed, filled in, signed, scanned and emailed to us.
To simplify your application, we suggest that you download, fill the form and email it directly to us. We will send you further instructions once your application is successful.

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