Best Gyms In Mauritius

A gym, short for gymnasium is an indoor fitness centre, club, building, or large room, usually containing special equipment, where people go to do physical exercise and get fit. It is designed to improve and maintain physical fitness and health. Some of the equipment found at the gym include, Training bench Dumbbell set, Barbell set, Kettlebell set, Pull-up frame and bar, Treadmill, Stationary bicycle and many more.

The Following is a List of Some of the Best Gyms Found In Mauritius

Warriors Fitness Gym

Address: 2 Branches – Royal Road Mesnil and Pailotte, 73611, Vacoas-Phoenix

Phone: +230 5255 5619

Ennoia Sports & Fitness Club

Address: Chemin Vingts Pieds, Grand-Baie La Croisette, Grand Baie 742CU001

Phone: +230 269 6051

Planet Gym

Address: Cnr Geoffroy Rd /Ave Centrale, Bambous

Phone: +230 5744 0022


Address: 24 A Kwan Tee Street, Les Salines, Port Louis

Phone: +230 212 7815

Just Lift Gym

Address: 4,Ave Murphy, near Conservaroitre, Quatre Bornes

Phone: +230 5981 4031

Kestrel Gym

Address: Rue Célicourt Antelme, Buckingham, Rose Hill

Phone: +230 463 2034

CrossFit Grand Baie

Address: The Vale Motorway, Grand Baie

Phone: +230 5258 3643

MYFIT 360 Richeterre

Address: Riche Terre Road, Riche Terre Mall, Richeterre

Phone: +230 249 5955

Aldo Fortress Fitness Mauritius

Address: Manhattan Mall, 2nd Floor, Sir Charles Lees Street, 74404, Curepipe

Phone: +230 673 2242

Ladies Gym

Address: la louise, Quatre bornes, Quatre Bornes

Phone: +230 5926 4686

NeezFitness Ladies Gym

Address: Sir William Newton Street , ARC Building, 3rd Floor/Rue desforges ,opp to Emmanuel Anquetil building port louis, Port Louis

Phone: +230 5773 3809

Space Fitness Beau Bassin

Address: Cercle de Rose-Hill, Boulevard Cowin, Nil, Beau Bassin

Phone: +230 5443 3300

Health and Fitness Gym

Address: Domaine du Moulin, 30407, Goodlands

Phone: +230 283 5250

Dan & Jay Fitness Center

Address: Toofanny Building, Royal Road, 0000, Fond du Sac

Phone: +230 5913 7595

Mauritius Gymkhana Club

Address: Suffolk Road, Vacoas

Phone: +230 696 1404

Reviva Gym

Address: Market Lane, Rose Belle, Rose Belle

Phone: +230 627 1322

CrossFit Tamarin

Address: Tamarin Art Centre, Le Ranch, Black River

Phone: +230 5922 1566

Feral Fitness Gym

Address: Mosque Road, The Vale, Rivière du Rempart

Phone: +230 5897 4962