Botswana Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources Current Job Vacancies

Botswana Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources Current Job Vacancies

The Ministry of Mineral Resources, Green Technology and Energy Security (MMGE) will be a global leader in the provision of services in the mineral and energy sectors for national prosperity

Departments/Sections of the Ministry

  • Department of Corporate Services
  • Department of Mines
  • Department of Energy
  • Mineral Affairs Division
  • Diamond Hub
  • Projects & Energy Development Unit

Departments/Sections and Key Functions

Corporate Services

  • To support the delivery of the Ministry‚Äôs core mandate
  • To instill an organizational culture of excellence
  • To provide quality support services by efficiently and effectively managing its resources and adhering to best management practices.

Department of Mines

  • Is to ensure that mineral resources are prospected, developed and exploited in a sustainable manner.
  • To enhance socio-economic, financial and other benefits to Botswana arising from the exploitation of mineral resources.
  • monitors compliance with all the relevant legislation pertaining to prospecting and mining activities.

Department of Energy

  • Is the lead policy-making authority of Government on all matters of energy supply and demand management.
  • To formulate and coordinate national energy policy and programmes.
  • To facilitate the availability of effective, reliable and affordable energy services to customers in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Mineral Affairs Division;

  • Is the lead policy-making authority of Government on all matters of mining and mineral sector development. 
  • It is responsible for the formulation, implementation and monitoring of policies for the mining and minerals sector, and sub-sectors.
  • The division gathers market intelligence and promotes investment on minerals.

Diamond Hub;

  • Coordinate the development of diamond beneficiation industries.
  • Administer the implementation of Kimberly Process requirements.
  • Provide business development services and regulate diamond beneficiation operations.

List of Parastals;

  • Botswana Power Corporation (BPC)
  • Botswana Energy Regulatory Authority (BERA)
  • Botswana Oil Limited (BOL)
  • Botswana Geoscience Institute (BGI)
  • Minerals Development Company Botswana (MDCB)
  • Okavango Diamond Company (ODC)

Who is eligible?

Citizens and Non-Citizens..

How do I get this service?

  • Submit copies of company certificate of incorporation and trading licences including director’s declaration forms.
  • A letter of appointment is required for the responsible person who should be a blasting license holder.
  • Arrange storage facility in accordance with the requirement of Explosives Act Cap 24:02.
  • Arrange transportation of explosives according to  Explosives Act Cap 24:02.
  • Submit a letter of engagement from the client where the explosives will be used.

What supporting documents are required?

Applicants require:

Download and complete  Application for permit to purchase, acquire and possess explosives

  • Company certificate of incorporation
  • Trading licence
  •  Company share certificate

How long will this service take?

Five (5) working days.

Where can I obtain this service?

Department of Mines

Ministry of Education building floor 4

P/Bag 0049



Government Enclave, Block 6

Khama Crescent

Tel. (+267) 365 7000

Fax. (+267) 395 2141


Opening hours: 7:30 to 12:45 and 13:45 to 16:30, Monday to Friday, except public holidays.