Cameron University Courses Offered


Cameron University offers curricula leading to master’s, bachelor’s, and associate degrees. The following degrees are offered:

Associate in Arts (AA), Associate in Science (AS), Associate in Applied Science (AAS), Bachelor of Accounting (BACC),

Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Bachelor of Music (BM),

Bachelor of Music Education (BME), and Bachelor of Science (BS). Associate and baccalaureate programs include general education requirements and a major or concentration. Baccalaureate programs may also include a minor (or major-minor) and electives. Development of expertise in a discipline occurs in major courses while a minor broadens the student’s education. General education provides the common experience and knowledge that characterize the academically educated
person. Electives afford the opportunity for both exploration and continued study in areas of particular interest.

Students are responsible for meeting all degree requirements. It is essential that each student (1) become familiar with the requirements for the degree being pursued, (2) formally request course substitutions or waivers necessary to meet degree requirements, (3) verify each enrollment to ensure courses apply toward degree requirements, satisfy a prerequisite, or meet a mandated institutional requirement, and (4) review their Degree Works audit for accuracy each semester.

Accounting (BACC)

Agriculture (BS) with options in:

Agribusiness Management
Animal Science
General Agriculture

Allied Health Sciences (AS)
Art (BA)

Art (BFA) with options in:
Graphic Design


(BS) with options in:

Cellular and Molecular Biology
Medical Laboratory Science
Organismal Biology

Business (AS)

Business Administration (BBA) with options in:
General Business Administration


(BS) with options in:

ACS Certified Chemistry
Non-ACS Certified Chemistry
Health Profession Chemistry

Computer Science (BS)

Criminal Justice (AS and BS)

Early Childhood Education

(BS) with option in:
Special Education

Elementary Education

(BS) with option in:

Special Education


(AAS) with options in:

Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Mechanical Engineering


(BA) with options in:

Creative Writing
English Education (BA)


A minor for baccalaureate programs consists of a minimum of 18 semester hours in an approved subject area. Defined minors are those for which a specific set of courses is recommended. Other approved minor programs are structured through the advisement process subject to the approval of the chair of the department that offers the courses.

Minors that include courses from multiple departments are approved by the dean of the school that offers the majority of the program. Transfer students may use credits earned at other institutions to fulfill minor requirements.


Accounting* Humanities*
Agriculture Information
Agronomy Technology*
Animal Science Journalism and Media
Arabic Production*
Art* Language Arts*
Art History * Latin
Biology* Management*
Chemistry* Management
Communication Studies * Information
Computer Information Systems*
Systems Marketing*
Computer Science * Mathematics*
Criminal Justice* Military Science*
Cyber Security* Multicultural Studies*
Economics* Music*
Educational Studies* Organizational
English Leadership*
Environmental Studies* Physics*
Family Science* Political Science
Finance* Pre-Law*
Foreign Languages* Professional Writing
French Psychology
General Business Public Relations*
Administration* Sociology*
Geography Spanish
German Special Education*
Health* Statistics*
History* Theatre Arts