Carnegie Mellon University Rwanda(CMUR)

Carnegie Mellon University Africa, in Kigali, Rwanda, is a global location of Carnegie Mellon University. CMU-Africa offers master’s degrees in Information Technology, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Engineering in AI. CMU-Africa is part of the Carnegie Mellon College of Engineering. The College of Engineering is top-ranked. In U.S. News & World Report’s 2023 graduate rankings, the College of Engineering was ranked #4.

History of Carnegie Mellon University

The existence of Carnegie Mellon University began with Andrew Carnegie. A self-educated “working boy” who loved books, Andrew Carnegie emigrated from Scotland in 1848 and settled in Pittsburgh, Pa. Attending night school and borrowing books, Carnegie went from a factory worker in a textile mill to successful entrepreneur and industrialist.

He rose to prominence by founding what became the world’s largest steel-producing company by the end of the 19th century. At one point the richest man in the world, Carnegie believed that “to die rich is to die disgraced.” He turned his attention to writing, social activism, and philanthropy, determined to establish educational opportunities for the general public where few existed.

In 1967, Carnegie Tech merged with the Mellon Institute, a science research center founded by the Mellon family of Pittsburgh, to become known as Carnegie Mellon University. The merger built upon a long history of support from the Mellons.


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How Do I Apply To Carnegie Mellon University In Africa?

There are two steps to apply to CMU-Africa: Submit an online application. Complete competency tests.

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