Check REB Shortlisted Candidates Eligible for Teacher Placement in Secondary Schools in All Districts

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Rwanda Basic Education Board (REB) Has announced the Shortlists of Eligible candidates for Teachers Placement in Secondary Schools – Phase 4 /April 20201. all Lists  are Listed Below.

Check Where You Are Now in the Below all district Lists

 Bugesera.pdf17 MB11.04.2021 12:46
 Burera.pdf10 MB11.04.2021 12:42
 Gakenke.pdf18 MB11.04.2021 12:48
 Gasabo.pdf28 MB11.04.2021 13:12
 Gatsibo.pdf12 MB11.04.2021 12:56
 Gicumbi.pdf17 MB11.04.2021 12:28
 Gisagara.pdf12 MB11.04.2021 13:03
 Huye.pdf9 MB11.04.2021 13:06
 Kamonyi.pdf14 MB11.04.2021 13:09
 Karongi.pdf8 MB11.04.2021 12:40
 Kayonza.pdf9 MB11.04.2021 12:50
 Kicukiro.pdf10 MB11.04.2021 12:58
 Kirehe.pdf6 MB11.04.2021 12:51
 Muhanga.pdf6 MB11.04.2021 13:04
 Musanze.pdf12 MB11.04.2021 12:32
 Ngoma.pdf8 MB11.04.2021 12:52
 Ngororero.pdf6 MB11.04.2021 12:37
 Nyabihu.pdf10 MB11.04.2021 13:02
 Nyagatare.pdf9 MB11.04.2021 12:54
 Nyamagabe.pdf7 MB11.04.2021 12:34
 Nyamasheke.pdf8 MB11.04.2021 12:30
 Nyanza.pdf5 MB11.04.2021 12:36
 Nyarugenge.pdf3 MB11.04.2021 12:59
 Nyaruguru.pdf3 MB11.04.2021 12:35
 Rubavu.pdf8 MB11.04.2021 12:39
 Ruhango.pdf6 MB11.04.2021 13:07
 Rulindo.pdf5 MB11.04.2021 12:38
 Rusizi.pdf8 MB11.04.2021 13:00
 Rutsiro.pdf4 MB11.04.2021 12:33
 Rwamagana.pdf2 MB11.04.2021 12:54

The meeting brought together the Director General of the REB and the District Education Officers, and the leaders discussed the progress of the fourth phase of the recruitment process.

The list of all candidates applying for jobs in all districts and the guidelines for the recruitment process for the fourth category will be posted on the ‘REB’ website tomorrow, April 11, 2021.

The meeting focused on the functioning and interaction between the REB and the Districts in order to improve the quality of education. 

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