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PLE Results Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB)

Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) PLE Results 2021: Today we will discuss on Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) results 2021 release date. UNEB official portal is is responsible for conducting PLE exams and published PLE results. So read this article and get all the information about PLE exams results.

UNEB PLE Results 2021

PLE Results Uganda

In Uganda, pupils may start their education between the ages of five and ten at the nearest primary school (the official government recognized the age of entry is six years). In Uganda, there are seven primary school years, from primary one (P1) to primary seven (P7) and the legal age for school entry is six (Moyi 3).

Only some of the primary school graduates go on to take any form of secondary education. At the end of P7, pupils sit their first major national exams – the primary leaving examination (PLE). This is contingent upon them passing their PLE.

Subjects of PLE:

  • At this current time, PLE has four subjects – 1. English language, 2. Mathematics, 3. Science and 4. Social studies.

PLE Grading System Uganda:

The best possible mark pupils can achieve is a total of four (which means one point – a distinction – in each subject), while the worst is a total of 36 (nine points for each subject, which means a fail).

Students who score between 4 to 12 points means they pass the PLE with a first grade, or division one.

Students who score between 13 to 23 means they pass the PLE with second grade (division two).

In similar way students who score between 24 to 29 means, they pass PLE exam the third grade.

In similar way students who score between 30 to 34 means, they pass PLE exam with a fourth grade.

PLE Results Uganda:

Honorable Minister of Education and Sports jointly with the Uganda National Examinations Board will presents to you the PLE Results for the year of 2021 Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) Examination for release to the public, in accordance with Section 4(2) of the UNEB Act, Cap 137, Laws of the Republic of Uganda. Once its released UNEB will award certificates to successful candidates in PLE examinations 2021.

 Updates on 13/01/2021:

UGANDA NATIONAL EXAMINATIONS BOARD Uganda’s education and sports minister, First Lady Janet Museveni,  Today (12/01/2021) released the results of the 2021 PLE. Get your results via sms ,t ype your index number and then send it to 6600.

PLE Results Uganda Release Date:

Last year Uganda’s education and sports minister, First Lady Janet Museveni, released the results of the 2016 Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE), on January 12th, 2021. In this, we hope the PLE results likely to be announced on between January, 2021.

UNEB PLE Results USSD and SMS:

  • UNEB allows all of us to check PLE results in a quick way i.e. all students of Uganda may check the UNEB Results via USSD and SMS platform.


Students can check for the 2021 PLE results using your Mobile Phone through the following procedure;

1. Open the message pad on your Mobile Phone

2. Type the Examination Name as “PLE” (Leave Space)

3. Type Examination Index Number (NO Space)

4. Send to 8383

For Example:

  • <<Exam Name>> <<SPACE>> <<INDEX_NUMBER>>
  • PLE 159922/021 and send to 8383

NB: Each SMS sent to 6600 is charged Shs 500, the service will be available on MTN, ZAIN and UTL networks.

PLE Results Summary

According to Uganda’s education and sports minister, First Lady Janet Museveni, 2016 Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE), which indicated improved general performance.

In 2016 PLE Results the total number of Fail students has been decreased by 9.2%, where the boys’ failure rate was 5.3% and girls rate was 7.7%. She also said that more than 50% of the pupils who completed their primary education last year were female. There was marked improved performance, especially in English, with girls performing better than boys.

A total of 1,886 candidates’ results withheld Despite the improved performance this became an increased number of results withheld compare with the last year 2015 where 909 candidates were withheld.


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