Chia Seeds Price per kg In Rwanda

What is Chia Seed?

Chia seeds are the edible seeds of Salvia hispanica, a flowering plant in the mint family native to central and southern Mexico, or of the related Salvia columbariae of the southwestern United States and Mexico.

Chia seeds are oval and gray with black and white spots, having a diameter of around 2 millimeters.

Chia Seeds Price per kg In Rwanda

1 kilogram of dry chia seeds is FRW35,000.

How long does chia take to grow?

If you provide the seeds with the needed conditions (enough moisture and bright sunlight), they can sprout in 3-14 days! You can even find stories of people who say that stuck chia seeds can germinate even on the dish sponge!

How long do chia seeds last growing?

Chia Seeds can be good for up to 5 years but they are best if they are used within 1 year.

Chia Flour is best if used within 6 months, but can be good for up to 1 year. Chia Pudding is best within 3 days when kept in the refrigerator but can be good for up to 5 days.

Do chia seeds need a lot of water to grow?


Chia plants are very drought-tolerant.

They benefit from regular watering until they’re established, but after that may need little to no additional watering, as they tend to adjust to all sorts of conditions.

How much water do chia seeds need to grow?

Drought-resistant varieties of chia require little watering, even during the summer. They only need watering during periods of drought.

However, some tender varieties and young plants should be watered regularly, about 2.5 cm of water every 7-10 days so that their soil does not completely dry out.