Clarion University of Pennsylvania Tuition And Fees


 Clarion CampusVenango Campus
 PA ResidentNon-PA ResidentPA ResidentNon-PA Resident
Tuition and Fees*$11,174$16,053$10,646$15,164
Room and Board** $12,930$12,930
Total Direct Costs: $24,104 $28,983$10,646$15,164

* Tuition and fees are based on a full-time student taking 12 – 18 credits per semester.

** Room and board rates are based on the most popular room (the two-person shared semi-suite in Suites on Main) and the most common meal plan (14 meals per week with $350 flex) for Clarion campus students.

  For students living on the Venango campus, the housing is handled through a third party apartment manager.  For more information, please visit the Housing Cost & Meal Plans page.  No meal plan is offered at the Venango campus.

 Online Campus
 PA ResidentNon-PA Resident
Tuition and Fees$9,829$11,108
 West Penn Hospital Site (Pittsburgh)
and Somerset Site
 PA ResidentNon-PA Resident
Tuition and Fees$10,021$14,540