Company Registration Requirements In Mauritius

A company is a legal entity formed by a group of individuals to engage in and operate a business enterprise in a commercial or industrial capacity. A company’s business line depends on its structure, which can range from a partnership to a proprietorship, or even a corporation.

Company Registration Requirements In Mauritius


Both foreign companies and individuals can proceed to the registration, incorporation and creation of the company in Mauritius, which requires the services of a company formation services provider to ease the application for incorporation. No minimum capital is required, and Mauritian laws allow for 100% foreign ownership. An applicant needs to provide the following information prior to setting up a company in Mauritius:

A. Company name;

B. Nature of business;

C. Relevant Due Diligence documents;

D. Date or suggested date of commencement for a company;

E. Registered office address of the business; and

F. Telephone number and email address.

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These companies may take one of the following states:

Limited by shares: This category of the company is set up with a constitution that limits the liability of shareholders to the number of unpaid shares each shareholder holds;

Limited by guarantee: This company’s constitution puts a limit on members’ liabilities to the amount they undertake to contribute in case the company gets wound up; or

Limited by shares and guarantee: A combination of limited by shares and limited by guarantee, this kind of company limits shareholders’ liability to any amount unpaid on their shares, while having members give a limit on their guaranteed contributions should winding-up occur.

Other company status include:

A. Unlimited Company;

B. Limited Life Company; and

C. One-person company.

What are the requirements for a Mauritius company?

The Mauritius limited liability company (proprietary company) The Mauritius LLC requires i) at least 1 shareholder at incorporation, who can be of any nationality and country of residence; and ii) only US$1 of share capital; and iii) one director, who must be resident in the country.

What is the process to register a company in Mauritius?

Businesses are registered under the Business Registration Act 2002. The law applies to any person carrying on business in Mauritius and Rodrigues. The registration can be effected online or by submitting the required documents at the office of the Registrar of Companies.

How can a foreigner set up a company in Mauritius?

Steps to Start a Business in Mauritius as a Foreigner:

A. Choice of Business Structure.

B. Incorporation of Company.

C. Registration of Business.

D. Obtaining the Building and Land Use Permit.

E. Payment of Trade Fees.

F. Respect the requirements for foreigners.

G. Regulated Activities.