DAPP Vocational Training School Admission Requirement

The DAPP Vocational Training School (DAPP VTS) aims to equip students with essential vocational skills and attitudes that will help them to seek meaningful employment to sustain themselves and their families. The school also trains students in entrepreneurial skills so they can start their income-generating projects. At the same time, the school includes broader training and activities that promote the engagement of the students in sports, culture, and community development.

The DAPP Vocational Training School is accredited by Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA) and is registered with the Namibian Training Authority

Use the contact details below for support on entry requirements

Contact Information

Windhoek Office
Blenkinsop Street 6
Windhoek North
P.O. Box 26660 Windhoek

Phone:  +264 (0)61 258220