ECZ Grade 7 Online Registration Date

Examination Council Of Zambia ECZ Grade 7 Registration; See details on Examination Council Of Zambia ECZ Grade 7 Registration 2021/2022



1.1.1 Registration of the Grade 7 candidates for the 2021/2022 Examination will be done through the Online Candidate Registration System (OCRS). This is a system that has been designed to allow for the registration of candidates at school and district levels.

1.1.2 An intending candidate becomes a bonafide candidate only after he/she has been correctly entered by the Head of a registered Examination Centre and confirmed by the Examinations Council of Zambia through the final register.


Candidates entering for the Grade 7 Examination must have completed Seven years of Primary Education as per requirements of the Zambian Curriculum.


1.3.1. All pupils on the school register in Grade 6 must be entered for the examination even if they are on suspension, are sick in hospital or even away from school for whatever reason.

1.3.2. Transferred Grade 6 pupils must be entered for the examination by the school where they were transferred to.


1.4.1. The Head teachers/Centre Coordinators are advised to strictly follow the guidelines for the registration of candidates enclosed herewith and in the OCRS Manual.

1.4.2. The Provincial Education Officers and District Education Board Secretaries should ensure that checklists are used to verify that all registered examination centres have presented candidates on the printed and signed Provisional Candidate registers from the schools/centres.

1.4.3. Only provisional candidate registers printed after verification and signed by the candidates should be submitted to the Examinations Council of Zambia together with Special Educational Needs Reports and Centre subject totals for each centre.

1.4.4. Verification of data is one quality control measure which ensures that all candidates have been registered. You are therefore urged not to skip any of the verification processes as outlined in the manual.