Edinboro University of Pennsylvania Tuition And Fees

Edinboro University focuses on developing students personally, intellectually and professionally to become contributing citizens to the commonwealth and beyond. This is achievable by offering excellent programs and services for an ever-changing society, Edinboro University tuition is one of the first choices among students, employers and the community.

The university fosters the culture of learning throughout life and also plants the seed of community servicing by cultivating the values of integrity, responsibility, inclusiveness and respect.

The university is accessible to a larger population as the tuition and fee of Edinboro University is quite affordable at $7,716 approximately.

The undergraduate fee for in-state and out-state students are different as in-state tuition and fee to be incurred is about $10,574 and out-state tuition and fees come to around $14,622. For graduate tuition and fee, the in-state students incur lesser expenses than the out-state students too. While an in-state student is looking at an expense of about $12,384, an out-state student is looking at a cost of around $18,576 in terms of tuition.

Total Cost of Attendance

Student typeIn-stateOut-State
Tuition & Fees$10,574$14,622
Book & Supplies$1,300$1,300
Room & Board cost$11,176$11,176
Other Expenses$2,550$2,550
Total Cost of Attendance$25,600$29,648

At Edinboro University, students yield top-quality education that is as excellent as any private school. The total cost of attendance refers to the extra expenses that student incurs, such as books and supplies, miscellaneous expenses, room and board costs, along with the tuition and fee that they will be paying to the university. This is a good ballpark for how much a student will be spending annually while attending the university.

The total cost of attendance for an in-state and an out-state student is $25,600 and $29,648 respectively approximately.

Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

Student typeIn-stateOut-State
Tuition & Fees$10,574$14,622
Room & Board Cost$11,176$11,176
Total Tuition & Fees$21,750$25,798

The Edinboro University undergraduate tuition and fees is most likely to be $21,750 in-state and the Edinboro University out of state tuition for undergraduates is around $25,798.

The room and boarding costs are same for both in-state and out-state students and are likely to be approximately $11,176, and the tuition and fee are $10,574 and $14,622 respectively, for in-state and out-state students.

Graduate Tuition and Fees


The Edinboro University graduate tuition is around $12,384 if they are from the state. Edinboro University out of state tuition for graduates is around $18,576. Similarly, the fees for in-state students is much lesser at $3,944 while for an out-state student, the fee comes up to $5,204.

Cost Per Credit Hour

DegreeYearCost per Credit hour
Graduate2018 – 2019$516
Undergraduate2018 – 2019$322

Some of the courses of the Edinboro University tuition are given as individual credit options that need not be a part of any larger program.

Cost per credit refers to the cost of a single credit in a semester. The graduate cost per credit at Edinboro University is $516, and for undergraduate courses, it is approximately $322.

Campus Housing Expenses

Housing & other expensesOn CampusOff Campus
Room & Board$11,176$11,176
Other Expense$2,550$2,550
Book & Supplies$1,300$1,300

Going to a university includes so much more than just education and classrooms! The decision of staying on-campus or off-campus depends completely on the students, however, finding off-campus housing and how to go about it can be quite intimidating.

Edinboro University provides on-campus housing and meal plans, which means you can experience living in the campus. The on-campus, as well as, off-campus room and board cost comes up to $11,176, which means you will be incurring the same costs either way.

Other expenses which are the miscellaneous expenses come up to around $2,550 even though it might vary from person to person.

Online Degree Programs, Tuition and Cost Per Credit Summary

Degree TypeTotal Average TuitionAverage Tuition Per Credit
Graduate Certificate$7,456NA
Post Masters Certificate$18,640NA
Post Baccalaureate Certificate$16,776NA

Edinboro University offers 24 online programs across 8 Majors.