ESECE Eritrean Secondary Education Certificate Examination

The Bureau of Standards and Evaluation, National Higher Education and Research Institute (NHERI), would like to announce to the public that the Eritrean Secondary Education Certificate Examinations (ESECE) results have been released today August 6.

Of the total 16,064 students that participated in the examinations, around 40.8 % of them passed for degree, diploma and certificate levels.

At the end of which students take the Eritrean Secondary Education Certificate Examination. Instruction in middle and secondary classes is in English. The Bureau of Standards and Evaluation, National Board for Higher Education, said that the Eritrean Secondary Education Certificate Examination (ESECE) is due to be.

Eritrean Secondary Education Certificate Examination (ESECE) from a technical/vocational program: External examinations jointly administered by the

Asmara, August 16, 2021-The results of the national school dropout exam for the current academic year were announced today, August 16.

According to Dr. Bisilat Gebru, director of the National Center for Higher Education and Research Examinations, 29% of the 13,458 students, including 47% of women who took the national secondary school dropout exam, were the results of their diploma and diploma program. Has won.

Of these, 2,417 (18%) scored in the diploma program and 1471 (11%) scored in the diploma program.

This year’s national exam covered 12 subjects and was conducted at eight centers, including Sawa, Asmara, Assab, Ala, Dechemhale, Hagaz, Maihabal and Nakfa’s Warsei Ikealo Secondary School.

Student exams at Eritrea’s international schools in Riyadh and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, have been postponed since last year due to regulations issued by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to manage the COVID-19 pandemic.

Eritrea: National Secondary School Exam Results Announced

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