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If you meet the eligibility criteria, and would like to apply to train with the FM-AMETS, use the following link to download the application form. After completing the form, follow the instructions within for submission.




Kindly note, that your application is only complete when certified copies of all relevant Certificates, Identity Document, Testimonials and References are submitted with the application form.

The AME Training Programme – Contents

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) course of instruction consists of both theoretical and practical skills segments divided into nine interrelated study modules:

  • Basic Subjects (Mathematics, Physics, Air Regulations & Aerodynamics)
  • Fundamentals of Aircraft Maintenance
  • Aircraft Structures
  • Aircraft Maintenance Practices
  • Aircraft Systems
  • Helicopters
  • Powerplant
  • Aircraft Electrics/Avionics
  • Attachment to Approved Maintenance Organisations

On completion of classroom tutorials, to further enhance practical skills, in depth expertise, requisite knowledge and inculcate relevant attitudes students are sent on attachment to various AMOs. This helps to expose learners to the real work environment, maintenance procedures, processes and both quality and safety management systems undertaken by aircraft maintenance engineers to uphold aircraft airworthiness and comprehensive safety management system.

Upon successful completion of the AME programme, graduates qualify for Botswana Civil Aviation licensing examination process offered by the Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana. Attainment of the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering License is the foundation for all engineering ratings and licenses which are the gateway to the aircraft maintenance engineering profession.

Application forms