Grant Thornton (Business School) Mauritius Admission Requirements

Grant Thornton (Business School) Mauritius Admission Requirements

Grant Thornton Business School

As a training institute with more than ten years experience in education, Grant Thornton Business School (GTBS) has become a prestigious tertiary education institution in Mauritius and is considered as a premium tuition provider in the finance, accounting and management fields.

From basic to advanced courses, seminars and workshops, Grant Thornton Business School strives to provide executives and young professionals in both the private and public sector, with education opportunities and continuous professional development.

Grant Thornton Business School is set to become a centre of excellence for quality teaching and learning in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean and Africa region and is registered with the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) with accreditation of the ACA Qualification from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW)

a. The ACA qualification

A professional qualification which is valued by highly reputed businesses locally and worldwide. Learn more on ACA Qualification

b. Why ACA?

Great Earning potential compared to any other Accountancy qualification

Global recognition

Chartered Profession – use the title “ICAEW Chartered Accountant” distinguishing you from other accountant

c. Entrance Requirement

2 A-levels or


d. How is the ACA Qualification Structured?

450 days of practical work experience– offering invaluable insights into the realities of a career in chartered accountancy.

15 exam modules – covering a broad range of topics including: financial management, law, assurance and business strategy.

Professional development– preparing you to successfully handle different situations that you’ll encounter throughout your career.

Ethics and professional skepticism– providing you with the skills to work under close scrutiny and be confident you are making the right decisions.