Greenwich university Karachi Mauritius Online Login Portal Registration

Greenwich university Karachi Mauritius Online Login Portal Registration

When registration opens for your course, we’ll send you an invitation to register online. This can be completed from any device with an internet connection.

Online Registation, is something that every student will need to complete at the start of their degree programme and then at the start of each academic year until they finish.  When your student record is all set up and ready for you to complete your Online Registration, you should receive an invite from the university telling you what to do.

If you are a new student, before you can do this, you must have met any conditions of your offer and returned any forms sent to you (e.g. fee assessment forms) by the university. As a new student you will also need to complete some Document Checks.

Where possible, you should complete online registration before the first day of your course except for postgraduate research students, who should wait until their official start date to begin.

Online Registration and any Document Checks need to be all be completed before the deadlines set by the University of Greenwich.

How to register

1. Log in to the Portal

Log in to the Student Portal using your university username and password. If you are a new student, these should have been sent to your personal email address.


If you have not received your details before you are invited to register, or if you have any issues with your password, please check the junk or spam folders in your email account before emailing or calling +44(0)20 8331 7555.

2. Select online registration on the Portal home page

3. Complete the instructions as directed

4. Follow the next steps on the completion screen

If you are a new student, please now proceed to Part 2: Document Checks.

What to do if you have a query?

We have a list of some of our common queries below, but during your online registration, you can query important information such as your course or your fees if you think anything is wrong. Our staff will answer your queries on the system.

In some instances, your registration will be paused while we confirm that details such as fees are correct.

You can follow the progress of any queries in your ‘Query Tracker’ at the start of the online registration process. The statuses are:

P = Processing

A = Awaiting information (e.g. authorisation from Faculty or another office)

= Complete

We will add a comment if further action is required from you, or if we need to explain something.

We respond to most queries within a few days using the Query Tracker. Some may take longer, especially if they need to be approved by another department. Please do not send the same query more than once.

Any query in red means you must wait before you can continue online registration but other queries (in black) mean you are still able to proceed. Please log back into the portal and Online Registration regularly for an updates.

Queries logged after the 20th December , may not get a full reply before the University of Greenwich closes for the holiday period.  The university will reopen on 4th January .

What are the registration dates and deadlines?

Continuing Students: If you are a continuing student, registration was open from 23rd August until 15th October .  

Registration is now closed for continuing students.

New students starting in September : If you are a new student, starting in September, registration is now closed for new students to start this September.

New students starting in October : If you are a new student, starting in October, registration registration is now closed

New students starting in January : If you are a new student, starting in January, registration is now closed.

New students starting in April : If you are a new student, starting in April, registration is now open and will close at 09:00AM on the 13th May .

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