Hanika Anglican Integrated Polytechnic(HAIP)

Hanika AIP is a polytechnic that is established by the Anglican Diocese of Shyogwe. It is a private polytechnic located in Nyanza District in the Southern Province of Rwanda.

HAIP was founded in 1986 as Institut Technique de Hanika offering A2 degrees in Motor Vehicle Mechanics, Electricity and Construction.

In 2012 the Institut Technique de Hanika was combined with College Saint Emmanuel de Hanika to form Hanika Technical Secondary School (A2) with the additional trades of Accountancy and Computer Sciences.

In 2017 the scope of Hanika School expanded to the Advanced Diploma (A1) and became an Integrated Polytechnic offering degrees in Civil Engineering, Information & Communication Technology and Mechanical Engineering.


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Our Vision

At Hanika AIP we believe in the vast potential that young people have to offer for the future of our society. We see the need for this potential to be given a platform on which it can be unlocked and be allowed to thrive.

Hanika AIP seeks to be this platform and offer students an outstanding technical and ethical education to contribute to a holistic transformation in the heart of Africa.

Our Mission

At HAIP the curiosity and motivation of our students as well as our trust in God is the foundation we work with. We encourage our students to be innovative and creative in order to push boundaries and contribute to pioneering novel solutions in their areas of research.

We believe in the need for a qualified technical workforce on the Rwandan labourmarket. In order to ensure a swift transition into the labourmarket and train practical skills HAIP partners with various companies and private sector actors to support students in finding internships and jobs.

Our mission is to provide our students with excellent vocational and technical skills, through ensuring up-to-date content and methodology in order to educate competent graduates who are an asset to our labour market and stand out through innovation and entrepreneurship

Furthermore, at HANIKA AIP we place importance on ethical values and educate our students to be citizens of integrity that fulfill human, spiritual and professional values.


 Address: Nyanza Rd, Nyanza, Rwanda

 Location: Nyanza, Rwanda

 Telephone Number: +250 788 534 664

 Email Address: info@hanikaaip.ac.rw

 Website: https: //www.hanikaaip.ac.rw/