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Harare Polytechnic College, formerly Salisbury Polytechnic and commonly referred to as Harare Polytechnic, is a technical, public research university in Causeway, Harare. The university is known for its strength in science and engineering, and is one among a small group of technical schools or institutes of technology in Zimbabwe which are primarily devoted to the instruction of pure and applied sciences.

The school was founded on the British polytechnic model offering standard and higher diplomas and undergraduate degrees, unlike European and American institutions which often offer postgraduate degrees and a strong emphasis on research. At the outset, the focus of polytechnics was on STEM subjects with a special emphasis on engineering.


Salisbury Polytechnic was established in 1919 by George Challoner, credited as the “father” of technical education in Rhodesia, started mechanical engineering classes for a small group of young white men. Classes were held in various schools and halls until an official Polytechnic campus was established just before the Second World War on the site between Fourth and Fifth Streets in Harare, Zimbabwe.

By the time of the establishment of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, the school expanded and though it technically allowed all students to attend following the example of the University of Zimbabwe, it was overwhelmingly dominated by white, male students due to tuition costs, discrimination and a stigma against female students in trade professions.

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