How Many Agro-Ecological Zones Are In Rwanda

What is Agro-Ecological Zone?

Agro-ecological zones (AEZs) are geographical areas exhibiting similar climatic conditions that determine their ability to support rainfed agriculture.

How Many Agro-Ecological Zones Are In Rwanda?

Twelve Agro-ecological Regions

Twelve Agro-ecological Regions in Rwanda.

What are the agro-ecological zones in Rwanda?

Main topographic features of Rwanda with Agro-Ecological Zones: KS = Kivu Lake Shore, IMP = Impala, IMB = Imbo, CND = Congo Nile watershed Divide, MPB = Mayaga plateau & Central Bugesera; CP = Central Plateau, ERP = Eastern Ridge and Plateau, EL = Eastern Lowland, BH = Buberuka Highlands, VHP = Virunga Summit and High plains.

The black dashed outline delineates national parks i.e. Birunga (NW), Nyungwe (SW), and Akagera (E). The elevation map is derived from a 10-m resolution digital terrain model.