How Many Beaches In Mauritius

Beaches are a narrow strip of land separating a body of water from inland areas. Beaches are usually made of sand, tiny grains of rocks and minerals wore down by constant pounding by wind and waves.

How Many Beaches In Mauritius


A. Flic en Flac

Observe heaven on earth by seeing one of the most stunning beaches Flic en Flac. It not only holds a whimsical name but is still considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius. 

The nearby lagoon features some fantastic coral reefs which are the point of attraction for many tourists. Moreover, you will find the beach with many sun divers and it is also considered to be one of the longest beaches too.

: It is approximately 27 km away from Port Louis. Best time to visit: September can be the best time to visit this beach.

B. Trou aux Biches

If you want to witness one of the leading Beach destinations in the world then you should visit Trou aux Biches. The turquoise and serene blue waters of the beach make it one of the most beautiful-looking beaches in Mauritius.

The beauty of the beaches is well complemented by resorts that are both beautiful and is a must-visit places for many travellers.

Suitable time to visit: June is the best time to visit this place.

Place: It is 19 km from Port Louis.

C. Mont Choisy Beach

What creates Mont Choisy Beach is its beautiful setting which is set against a white-sand beach. It is good to spend time alone on the beach and as a matter of fact, you will not find it difficult to find a secluded place. You can just immerse yourself in the absolute quietness of the place.

The entrance of the beach is guarded by a monument which is considered to be the first manned flight between Mauritius and Reunion Island.

Place: It is an hour away from Port Louis.

Suitable time to visit: June is however the best time to enjoy some time on the beach.

D. Pereybere Beach

Pereybere Beach has always been the most popular beach for both tourists and locals. The crystal clear water of the lagoon and the white sand just add to the beauty of the beach.

If you are a hardcore snorkelling fan then it is best to try out snorkelling at this place. If you love food then you can try food from fast food stalls. How about treating yourself with some kebabs, sandwiches, and pineapples too?

Suitable time to visit
: April to September is the best time to visit.

Place: It is 20 km away from Port Louis.

E. La Cuvette Beach

The clear waves, turquoise waters and white-coloured sand of La Cuvette Beach provide the visitors with much-required serenity and calm surroundings.

Dotted with palm and coconut trees and home to numerous local food joints, here at La Cuvette Beach you will get to enjoy numerous entertainment options. The pristine shoreline of this beach also provides areas to indulge in adrenaline-rushing activities like volleyball, snorkelling, fishing, boating and windsurfing.

What makes it one of Mauritiu’s best places is the fact that here you can enjoy all kinds of entertainment options including some thrilling activities, and long walks and can chomp on local delicacies at the same time.

Suitable time: December to March.

F. Grand Bay Public Beach

Grand Bay lures a lot of tourists, it was once called Bay without end and therefore, it is considered to be one of the popular holiday destinations for many.

The turquoise blue waters well complemented by the liveliness of the beach are what make it more beautiful. You can try sailing, safe swimming, surfing and even several other boat excursions too.

Suitable time to visit
: December to April is the best time to visit.

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G. Blue Bay Beach

If you are looking for an amazing snorkelling experience then this is the place to be. This Mauritius beach is not only beautiful but is an amazing place to spend some quiet time.

The best thing to do on this beach is to visit Marine Park. You can get an excellent opportunity to see some big fishes, coloured fishes and even many giant live corals too.

Suitable months to visit
: June to September.

Place: It is 55 km from Port Louis.

H. Belle Mare Beach

If you are looking for some vibrancy and excitement then you can try out Belle Mare Beach. It has close proximity to one of the principal towns of Mahebourg. You can stroll all by yourself on the beautiful beach.

Belle Mare has one of the best golf courses on the island. There are some popular hotels too which you might find around the beach.

Most pleasing time to visit
: January to March.

Place: It is 30 km away from Port Louis.

I. Ile Aux Cerfs (Island) Beach

A perfect weekend getaway for the water babies, this Mauritius beach is home to numerous adrenaline-rushing activities and offers a perfect amalgamation of the sun with sand.

From shining white sand to beautiful lagoons, the place offers too many beautiful sceneries where you can click numerous memorable pictures. In addition to the beauty, this beach also houses some small shacks and stalls selling local goods like jewellery made of pearls and local food items.

If you are looking for a place in Mauritius where you can enjoy a session of snorkelling and scuba diving at their best, then  Ile Aux Cerfs (Island) Beach is the perfect place for you. From shopping to indulging in adventures, here you can spend your time experiencing many sorts of entertainment options.

Suitable time: May to August.

J. Riviere des Galets Beach

The sound of the waves crashing against the shore is just the thing you would want to listen to on a holiday. You can simply feel the wind brushing through your face and the relaxation that it will provide is simply matchless. The beauty of the beaches is what gets this beach the maximum number of tourists.

Observe the spectacular view of the south mountain range which is truly breathtaking. However, it is believed that the water of the beach is not fit for swimming.

Best time to visit
: April and June is the best time to visit this beach.

Location: It is 25 km away from Port Louis.

How many beaches are there in Mauritius?

146 public

Presently, there are some 146 public beaches in the Republic of Mauritius (134 in Mauritius and 12 in Rodrigues) that are managed and controlled by the Beach Authority.

What is the biggest beach in Mauritius?

Mont Choisy

As well as being the longest beach in Mauritius — it extends from Trou aux Biches to Pointe aux Canonniers — Mont Choisy is one of the best, partly because it never feels cramped.