How Many Key Planning Instruments Are Used In Rwanda

What is Key Planning Instrument?

Planning Tools are instruments that help guide organizational action steps related to the implementation of an initiative, program, or intervention. They may provide detailed descriptions of the county implementation plan and how it was developed.

How Many Key Planning Instruments Are Used In Rwanda?

The key planning instruments used in Rwanda are the Vision 2050 strategy and NST1 which set out the government’s national objectives and socioeconomic transformation strategies.

What are the planning instruments in Rwanda?

Local development planning is structured as a decentralized planning cycle based on four fundamental tools: the Community Development Plan (CDP), the Mid-Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF), the Annual Action Plan (AAP), and the Annual Budget.

What is the district land use plan in Rwanda?

The District Land Use Plan aims to allocate land to different uses for the concerned district by clustering all thematic areas and allocating for urban and rural areas, as well as plans for infrastructure development, social services, and economic development.