How Many Languages Are Spoken In Rwanda

What is Language?

Language is a structured system of communication that consists of grammar and vocabulary. It is the primary means by which humans convey meaning, both in spoken and written forms, and may also be conveyed through sign languages

How Many Languages Are Spoken In Rwanda?

Languages: Kinyarwanda, English, and French are the official languages, and Kiswahili is widely spoken.

Which language is mostly spoken in Rwanda?


Kinyarwanda is the language most widely spoken in Rwanda. English and French are basically tied for second place linguistically, though French has the au-dessus main.

Swahili is also useful in some parts of the country, especially in Kigali and other towns; it is also used for commerce.

Is Rwanda English or French-speaking?

A Rwandan historian, Antoine Mugesera, stated that French is still used among the educated, but Kinyarwanda is used for matters relating to simple topics and messages. 

English is now considered as the primary language among other foreign languages.