How Many Marks Is A Credit In Mauritius

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How Many Marks Is A Credit In Mauritius

The School

Located in Vacoas, Dr Maurice Cure State College, the prestigious secondary institution for girls, was founded in the year 1977. It is named in memory of Dr Maurice Cure, the active politician of his time. The actual school population is around 1027 and classes are run from Form One to Six.

Dr. Maurice Cure State College is under the administration of the Zone Directorate (Zone 4), under the aegis of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources of the Republic of Mauritius. It is reputed for its academic performance. The school aims at the holistic development of the students. 

Students sit for the Cambridge Higher School Certificate and this marks the end of the Secondary School Career. Most of the Students pursue their tertiary education in internal institutions and abroad.

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The equivalence of grades for the School Certificate and Higher School Certificate examinations are as follows:


 MARKS                    GRADE                     AGGREGATE                        REMARKS90-100                       A                                 1                                             Distinction80-89                         A                                 2                                             Very Good70-79                         B                                 3                                             Highest60-69                         B                                 4                                             Credit55-59                         C                                 5                                             Credit50-54                         C                                 6                                             Lowest Credit45-49                         D                                 7                                             Pass40-44                         E                                 8                                             Lowest Pass0-39                            F                                9                                             Ungraded


                                            Main                                              Subsidiary and General PaperGrade                                 Marks                       Grade                           Marks

A+                                      180-200                       a+                               90-100

A                                        160-179                       A                                 80- 89

B                                        140-159                       B                                 70-79

C                                        120-139                       C                                 60-69

D                                        100-119                       D                                 55-59

E                                         90- 99                         E                                 50-54AS                                       85-89                          U*                               45-49U*                                        80-84                          U                                0-44

                          U                                           0-79                                                             

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What is the grading system for the Mauritius school certificate?

students scoring 360 – 420 points and above are awarded a Distinction. students scoring 250-359 points are awarded a Merit. students scoring 140-249 points are awarded a Pass.

What are the subjects in Mauritius Grade 12?

Subjects include Accounting, Art and Design, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Design and Technology, Mathematics, English- Language, English – Language and Literature, English Literature, Environmental Management, Geography, and History, to mention but a few.