How Many Mountains Are There In Mauritius

Mountains are landform that rises prominently above their surroundings, generally exhibiting steep slopes, a relatively confined summit area, and considerable local relief. Mountains generally are understood to be larger than hills, but the term has no standardized geological meaning.

How Many Mountains Are There In Mauritius

Mountains are formed through tectonic forces, erosion, or volcanism, which act on time scales of up to tens of millions of years. Once mountain building ceases, mountains are slowly levelled through the action of weathering, slumping and other forms of mass wasting, as well as through erosion by rivers and glaciers.


1. Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire (Black River Peak)

Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire (also known as the Black River Peak), is the most elevated peak in Mauritius and it’s part of the Black River Range mountain.

Counting on how experienced you are, there are several trekking trails to explore this mountain. The easiest and most popular route is via the Black River Peak hiking trail, which will take on an average of three and a half hours to reach the top. The longest option with the more technical knowledge required is from Black River Gorges National Park.

Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire (Black River Peak) - Mauritius

The first part of the trip is underneath a shady trail, surrounded by luxuriant vegetation. The walking trails are as scenic as the hiking trail itself. Nestled through some idyllic mountainous farming landscape you will pass through the west of the island through the savage green of the gorges.

Height: 828m

Location: Rivière Noire District

2. Le Morne Brabant Mountain

The symbolic and iconic Le Morne Brabant is a majestic mountain located in the South Western part of Mauritius, on the Le Morne peninsula.

The majestic mountain has been declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO to commemorate the Maroonage (runaway slaves) legacy in Mauritius. It is believed that the slaves were committing suicide by jumping off the cliff of the mountain due to the very inhumane treatment they suffered.

Le Morne Brabant Mountain - Mauritius

Le Morne Brabant is one of the most maintained and wildest mountains on the island. It is a habitat for a very large variety of endemic and narrow-endemic species, such as the rare Trochetia Boutoniana, which is the floral emblem of Mauritius.

Hiking on the path of the runaway slaves at Le Morne Brabant is definitely among the top things to do while staying in Mauritius. Situated at the extreme Southwestern tip of Mauritius, this rocky peninsula has a summit which covers an area of over 12 hectares (30 acres) and is about 556 meters above sea level.

Get into the heart of nature while you experience both the extreme opposites of lush greenery together with the rough and dry patches of the World Heritage Site.

While hiking up the mountain, listen to the rustling trees, and chirping of the tropical birds, and contemplate on the wild beauty with outstanding turquoise-blue ocean views.

Height: 556m

Location: Le Morne Village

3. Le Pouce Mountain

The Le Pouce mountain is the third highest in Mauritius, peaking at 812m, located in the North West of the island between the Pieter Both and the Signal Mountain.

Le Pouce known as ‘The Thumb’ peak, was given the name because it’s said to look like a thumb. The first person to climb Le Pouce is accredited as Charles Darwin.

Le Pouce Mountain - Mauritius

From the peak, you will have an amazing 360-degree view of Mauritius. The sight of the northern part of the island is splendid, with a beautiful view of the northern small islands of Mauritius – Flat Island, Round Island and Snake Island. You will also get to look down onto the capital and to the west part of the island.

It also offers one of the most beautiful views of the capital: Port Louis, as well as of Moka and the high grounds of Plaine Wilhems.

The starting point for hiking, Le Pouce Mountain, is at the Commercial Center of Helvetia. There you will encounter a guide who will provide you with a briefing and afterwards, you will start with the hiking activity. The total hiking time to reach the summit is about 1.5 hours. After enjoying the sublime views, you will hike down to the start point.

Height: 812 m

Location: La Laura-Malenga, Moka

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4. Pieter Both Mountain

The Pieter Both stand proudly in the Moka Range of mountains. Located in the village of La Laura, Malenga, the Pieter Both mountain is named after the first Governor General of the Dutch East Indies. It is the second highest mountain in Mauritius at 820m after Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire.

Pieter Both Mountain - Mauritius

This mountain has a charming local story which mentions that a very long time ago, a milkman was passing through the mountains when he saw fairies dancing around. The fairies mentioned to him not to tell anyone about his sighting or else, he would be transformed into a rock.

Apparently, as he was so amazed, he couldn’t keep the secret and eventually, he was turned into a giant rock, which is now the Pieter Both mountain. The headline structure on top of the mountain is said to be the milkman.

Hiking the mountain is physically demanding due to its steep slippery slopes, and therefore it is reserved for the most experienced hikers.

The mountain has been classified into 3 categories, the shoulder, neck and head. For a regular hike and some nice views, hikers can just do until the shoulder part. The neck and head demand more expertise and even equipment. A hike/climb to the summit takes around 4 hours for skilful hikers.

Height: 820m

Location: La Laura-Malenga, Moka

5. Lion Mountain

Lion Mountain is a protruding mountain in the Bambous mountain range. It is visible from Mahebourg and is also very famous for its vegetation and amazing views of the southeast. The mountain got its name due to its similarity to a lion from afar.

The mountain height is 480m and the climb to its peak can be a bit tough for those who are not accustomed to hiking. There are two trails (the north and the south) for hiking and both take approximately 2.5 hours to reach the summit. The trail starts at Vieux Grand Port Police Station and the endpoint is the summit.

Lion Mountain - Mauritius

As the hike starts, you will need to pass through sugarcane fields followed by a good-quality trail through some shaded woods. One needs to be attentive and careful while doing the trail due to limited directional signs and few rocky slopes. It is also advisable to start the trail via the west side as it is less complicated and simple to locate and follow.

Throughout your walk in the forest, you will get to discover different species of plants and other greeneries. The location is abundant with native vegetation, and exotic plants, and if you are lucky enough, you might spot the small, endemic falcon-the Mauritian Kestrel.

Height: 480m

Location: Grand Port

6. Signal Mountain

Signal Mountain is a widespread or famous mountain located in the capital of Port Louis. The height of the mountain is 323m and it is more like a leisurely hill which can be explored easily through hiking.

Furthermore, since the road is tarred without hurdles, people of all ages and abilities can hike this mountain. Along the way, there are some wonderful spots which can be found.

Signal Mountain - Mauritius

Next to Signal Mountain is Quoin Bluff, both of these neighbouring mountains, overlook the entire city of Port-Louis.

Depending on your speed, the whole trail takes approximately 1 hour to be completed and it is a famous cardio track for many Mauritians with magnificent views.

Height: 323m

Location: Port Louis

7. Corps De Garde

The Corps De Garde Mountain is located in Quatre Bornes, while being on the top, one can enjoy the sublime views of the central plateau.

The total height of the mountain is 780m, thus to complete the track it can take up to 4 hours as it is quite easy.

It is also said that when the French were ruling over the island, the French military had a post there to guard the slaves, that is where the name of the mountain was derived.

Corps De Garde - Mauritius

While hiking this mountain, you will see an impressive panoramic view of the island as far as the eye can see. The path proceeds through basalt rock and the drops are impressive although remote, which gives character to this excursion. There are many native plants on the mountain so it’s a great choice for nature lovers.

As noticed from above, the urban civilization to all its extent presents an overall view of Curepipe, Vacoas, Quatre Bornes, Rose Hill, Beau Bassin and les Pailles. On the other side, towards the West, a green stretch of mountains appears. The most well-known are Trois Mamelles, Rempart, Tourelle de Tamarin, Black River Piton, and further away the mountain of Morne Brabant standing majestically.

Height: 780m

Location: Quatre Bornes

8. The Trois Mamelles Mountain

One should not skip the chance to cross one of the most exciting ridge lines on the island, at Trois Mamelles, and stand in awe of the stunning scenery that lies on both the North and South-Western flanks.

Discovered in the centre of the island, with a total height of 600m, this mountain is challenging to climb and it’s definitely for the more advanced climbers and requires a guide.

The Trois Mamelles Mountain - Mauritius

The hike forms part of the isolated range comprising Mt Rempart to the West and Les Trois Mamelles to the East. Set your inner adventurer free with this hiking trip to the middle peak of the trio, as you climb to an altitude of 600m.

Height: 600m

Location: Vacoas

9. Tourelle du Tamarin Mountain

Located in the village of Tamarin, Tourelle Du Tamarin Mountain, 548m high, offers the best view of the entire western area of Mauritius.

This is a private property, the land belongs to the Maingard family. The climb starts at the sea level on the northern slope of the mountain.

Tourelle du Tamarin Mountain - Mauritius

The way to the top of the mountain is rather steep, except for a few sections which are ideal for a drink break and for taking some beautiful pictures.

Nature is well preserved and a beautiful variety of indigenous plants grow here. At the end of the climb, you will enjoy the exceptional panorama view of the most beautiful lagoon “les Fonds Blancs” and of the Morne Brabant mountain.

Since this is private property, initial permission and reservation are needed. Such permission is submitted only via registered tour operators and hiking guides.

Height: 548m

Location: Tamarin

10. The Rempart Mountain

The Rempart Mountain is located in the Western part of Mauritius in the district of Black River.

The height of the mountain is 600m and it is quite difficult to hike due to its steep slopes. This mountain became famous when it was featured on the official Mauritius stamps in the years 1950 and 1954. Along the route to the summit, you might spot some wild deer, monkeys and macaques.

Rempart Mountain - Mauritius

The way is rocky and there is only one route to climb this mountain. All the hard work to reach this mountain will be remunerated once you reach on top and get a bird’s view of all the magnificent sceneries around.

This mountain is tough to climb and therefore do make sure the weather is suitable, your guide knows the route and you are properly prepared.

Height: 600m

Location: Tamarin, Black River District

What is the main mountain in Mauritius?

Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire

Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire (Little Black River Peak) is the highest mountain on the island of Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean. Located in the Rivière Noire District and rises to a height of 828 m (2717 ft) above sea level.