How Many Sea Ports Are In Mauritius

A sea port is an artificial harbour or wharf constructed to receive sea-going vessels, such as ships and barges.

How Many Sea Ports Are In Mauritius

Mauritius ports play a relevant role in the export and import trade of the country. The ports authority of Mauritius runs the seaports, which are operated by the Government of Mauritius.

The ports authority of Mauritius provides a safe and efficient transportation system that ensures safe trading in the ports and improved the economic prosperity of the country.

Port Louis Harbour

Port Louis is the premier port of Mauritius. It handles about 99% of the island nation’s international trade, which is around 7.5 million tonnes of cargo every year. It handles most of the imports such as packaged food products, petroleum products, and raw materials for the textile sector. Also, most of the country’s exports such as sugar, textiles, and handicrafts are sent from this harbour.

Port Louis Harbour

Port Louis has 16 berths and three terminals.

Port Mathurin

Port Mathurin is situated on the island of Rodrigues which is part of the island nation. It is 600 km away from Mauritius in the northeast. The island spans 108 km2 with a coastline stretching more than 80 kilometres. It is inhabited by 42,000 people.

The people of this island depend on crop farming, tourism, livestock rearing, fishing and handicrafts to sustain themselves.

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What is the major seaport in Mauritius?

Port Louis is home to the nation’s main harbour, which is the only official port of entry and exit for sea vessels in Mauritius.

How many ports are in Mauritius?

two seaports

Situated amidst the Indian Ocean, Mauritius has two seaports namely, Port Louis Harbour and Port Mathurin. Both these ports are crucial for the country as they handle all the import-export trade and make significant contributions to the island nation’s growing economy.