How Many Tea Factories Are In Rwanda

What is a Tea Factory?

Tea factory means a facility for manufacturing tea out of green tea leaf and includes bought leaf, cooperative, and estate factories.

How Many Tea Factories Are In Rwanda?

The tea sector consists of 15 tea factories, with an annual production volume of over 25,000 metric tons of dry tea. The area under tea cultivation is approximately 26,000 hectares.

What is the largest tea factory in Rwanda?

the Mulindi Factory Company

Commercial tea production in Gicumbi District began in 1960 with the construction of the Mulindi Factory Company. It is Rwanda’s oldest and largest factory in terms of production.

What are the tea production areas in Rwanda?

Since then, the Rwandan tea industry has grown, transforming the nation into a prominent tea-producing country in East Africa.

Today, tea plantations span the country’s landscapes, with the Western districts of Rutsiro, Nyamasheke, and Nyabihu being the primary tea cultivators.

Where is the main tea-growing area in Rwanda?

Hugging the undulating hills at the western fringes of Nyungwe Forest National Park, the Gisakura Tea Estate is among the most famous of Rwanda’s tea plantations, and certainly among the most beautiful.

Which countries does Rwanda export tea to?

Tea sector | Official Rwanda Export Website

Today Rwanda tea has become highly valued in the weekly East African Tea Trade Association auctions in Mombasa, fetching record prices over the past couple of years. Its major markets are in the Middle East, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, and Kazakhstan among others.