How Many Tvet Schools Are There In Rwanda

What is Tvet School?

TVET (technical and vocational education and training) refers to all forms and levels of education and training which provide knowledge and skills related to occupations in various sectors of economic and social life through formal, non-formal, and informal learning methods in both school-based and work-based learning contexts.

To achieve its aims and purposes, TVET focuses on the learning and mastery of specialized techniques and the scientific principles underlying those techniques, as well as general knowledge, skills, and values.

How Many Tvet Schools Are There In Rwanda?

Currently, there are 54 Initial Vocational Training Schools (VTS), 32 of them being private. Enrolment in all 20 optional/trades in VTS is around 7,366 of which females account for 45%.

Why is there TVET in Rwanda?

A skilled workforce is a basic requirement for driving the engine of industrial and economic growth, and TVET – in close collaboration with the private sector – holds the key to building this type of technical and entrepreneurial workforce.

What is the mission of TVET schools in Rwanda?

The mission of RTB is to promote quality education in technical and vocational education and training from level one (1) to five (5) aimed at fast-tracking the socio-economic development of the country.

What are the challenges of TVET in Rwanda?

The study noted the following challenges faced by TVET youth graduates in finding employment:

insufficient training facilities, a short period of industrial attachment program, training based on theory than practice, untrained trainers in CBT/CBA, and a mismatch of acquired skills with employable skills.

What is the TVET system in Rwanda?

TVET has emerged as one of the most effective human resource development strategies that Rwanda has embraced in order to train and modernize the technical workforce for national development.