How Much Does Bahamas Cruise Cost

How Much Does Bahamas Cruise Cost

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Obviously, the longer the cruise, the more expensive it can become. This is especially important to consider if flying to a cruise port rather than driving since your expenses would be potentially higher. If you’re paying for a flight, you might as well enjoy a longer sailing.

You’ll also have shore excursions and onboard activities that you’ll want to consider as part of the overall cost. Here are some important factors that can affect a cruise to the Bahama’s cost.

We looked at a sample of weeklong cruises to the Bahamas across multiple cruise lines in fall 2023. Based on our findings, we’ve determined an average base price for roughly weeklong cruises to be $570.

Does the Bahamas require a visa for a cruise?

on the same voyage will require a Bahamian Visa to come ashore to visit. Guests arriving by air to join the cruise ship will be required to possess a Bahamian Visitor Visa if they are nationals of countries that would normally require a visit to enter The Bahamas.

Where can you go in The Bahamas without a passport?

It is legal to enter The Bahamas by sea without a passport, and if you return to the same U.S. port you departed from, you will probably be fine. However, the US. State Department advises U.S. citizens to have a valid passport in hand just in case they have to fly home in an emergency.