How Much Is Mauritius Passport

A passport is an official document issued by a government, certifying the holder’s identity and citizenship and entitling them to travel under its protection to and from foreign countries.

How Much Is Mauritius Passport

Mauritius has always attracted investors all over the world, mostly for its thriving economy and favourable regulations. Now, having a Mauritian passport comes with great opportunities. In fact, according to the Henley Passport Index, the Mauritius passport is the second-best in Africa, and according to the Guide Passport Ranking Index, it ranks 31st in the world.

There are two main options to acquire a Mauritius passport, and these include Mauritius nationality and investment routes. The easiest one is acquiring nationality, and there are a few options to help you acquire Mauritius citizenship.

Mauritius is offering foreigners the chance to obtain Mauritian citizenship in exchange for a non-refundable contribution of 44,210,336 (MUR) to the national sovereign wealth fund.

Applicants’ dependents are also eligible for citizenship with an additional cost of Rs4,585,292.00 per family member.

Another scheme will offer Mauritian passports in exchange for the lesser sum of Rs22,926,460.00 paid to the Mauritius Sovereign Fund, and Rs2,292,646.00 per passport for family members.

The Mauritian passport holders have access to 121 countries without visa requirements.

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How long does it take to get Mauritius passport?

To issue Mauritius Passport to citizens of Mauritius within four working days after payment (in Mauritius only). To deliver a visa (entry permit) within five working days to a non-citizen who requires a visa to enter Mauritius, provided all relevant documents are produced.

How many countries can a Mauritius passport enter?

The Mauritius passport ranking is due to the degree of global entry it guarantees to Mauritian passport holders, who may travel visa-free to 145 countries, but who otherwise need a visa to access 60 countries globally.

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Which country is Mauritius’s passport visa-free?

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Sweden. Switzerland. Tanzania.