How to Get Bahamas from Miami

How to Get Bahamas from Miami

In this article, tries to answer the question by publishing How to Get Bahamas from Miami

Below is How to Get to the Bahamas from Miami

The Bahamas are located off the coast of Florida and can be easily reached by ferry from Miami (Fort Lauderdale). 

Two direct ferries will take you to 1) Freeport, Grand Bahamas, and 2) Bimini. Bimini is located just 51 miles / 83 km off the coast of Florida. 

The ferries are both operated by Ballearia. The booking module below compares the departure times, travel duration, and prices.

Unfortunately, there are no Miami-Nassau ferries or routes to other islands. But don’t worry! You can go island hopping! The Mailboat and multiple smaller ferry operators can take you further. So all you ferry adventurers out there should keep reading.

Island hopping Bahamas

If you’re looking to travel from Grand Bahama, there’s only one ferry connection available and that is with Great Abaco. For a Nassau connection, you must make a passenger reservation on the mailboat.

Mailboat Bahamas

Mailboats form the distribution network between the islands of the Bahamas. They don’t sail fast so the crossings take quite some time.

The Mailboats are not known for being exceptionally comfortable and therefore mainly suitable for the seasoned traveler.

Although we prefer ferries ourselves, the plane is often a very good choice to travel around in the Bahamas. Of Course, you can also combine a flight with a ferry crossing. 

How long is the ferry from Miami to the Bahamas?

How long is the boat from Miami to the Bahamas trip? The ferry boat that makes the route from Miami to Grand Bahama (to the port of Freeport) takes between 3 and 4 hours. To get to the island of Bimini in a direct fast boat from Balearia it takes between 2 and 3 hours.