How To Start A Business In Eswatini

How To Start A Business In Eswatini

Starting a business, or company, in Swaziland takes approximately 61 days as compared to about 46 days for the Sub-Saharan Africa region. 

This piece outlines the general technical procedures for starting a company in Swaziland, according to the database by the World Bank.

It includes details and requirements to be in good standing with all relevant agencies beyond the company registrar like social security agencies.


The steps involved in registering a company(Private Limited Liability Company) in Swaziland are:

  1. Reserve name at the Company Registrar.
  2. Pay fee for reserving a name.
  3. Obtain tax clearance for company directors.
  4. Pay registration fee at revenue office.
  5. Have articles of association and memorandum prepared by a lawyer.
  6. Register with the Company Registrar.
  7. Request trading license from the Ministry of Enterprise and Employment.
  8. Pay trading license fee.
  9. Obtain bank statement.
  10. Obtain company tax identification.
  11. Get certificate of inspection by health department or city council.
  12. Register workers with Provident Fund.
  13. Get worker’s compensation insurance for workers.

How long does it take to register a company in Swaziland?

It takes 3 days to register a company in Swaziland

Where can I register my business in Eswatini?

The Registrar of Companies in the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Trade (MCIT) is responsible for registering businesses in the Kingdom of Eswatini.