Integrated Polytechnic Regional College Kigali (IPRC-Kigali) Mining Engineering Department

Integrated Polytechnic Regional College Kigali (IPRC-Kigali) Mining Engineering Department

Mining department is based at Rutongo Mining School in Northern Province, Rulindo District. The Campus offers the best mining teaching and learning environment due to its vicinity with busy mineral exploitation area.


The department has the option of Mining Technology in Diploma and advanced Diploma levels as wells short courses certificate of mining operators. Our mining graduates have great practice in the mining, mineral identification and mineral processing.

The curriculum of mining technology covers:

The fundamental concepts, principles and theories of Mining Engineering.

Mine plans and designs, Mining Methods, Geology Specifications and its types

Environmental aspects, mine safety, mine legislations,

Installation of Ventilation and Environmental Engineering.

Mining Machineries, Materials handling equipment, maintenance and repairs and its optimum usage and mine assets management.

Surveying and its applications in Mining engineering

Basic computing skills, English and communication skills, Applied Mathematics, Basic Sciences and Engineering sciences relevant to Mining engineering

Geo-technics, rock breakage and use of blasting technology.

Mineral economics, entrepreneurship and management techniques relevant to Mining Engineering.

Mineral beneficiation principles

Since 2015, the department graduates students and their contribution in country mining industry development is considerable. The department which is now operating under umbrella of Rutongo Mining School, the mining campus, keeps improving its training delivery benefiting new adopted competence training by Rwanda Polytechnic. Indeed strengthening public private partnership through industry based programme in training is the campus priority.

Career opportunities

The program aims to produce graduates who are ready to take up mining occupation in Rwanda Mining Sector, the region and beyond. Among career opportunities, we may enumerate the following:

Working in both underground and surface mining

Mineral processing

Quarrying and cement production

Mineral testing laboratory

Mineral and gemstone trading

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