Langer Heinrich Uranium (Pty) Ltd Current Job Vaccancies

Langer Heinrich Uranium (Pty) Ltd Current Job Vacancies

The Langer Heinrich Uranium Mine is located to the west of central Namibia. It lies 85km east of Swakopmund with seaport access at nearby Walvis Bay.

Langer Heinrich Uranium (Pty) Ltd is a Namibian-registered company that is wholly owned by Australian-based Paladin Energy Limited, a company that is listed on both the Australian and Toronto Stock Exchanges.

Moolmans was responsible for the entire mining operation, including drilling, blasting, loading, and hauling of waste and ore. Some 19 million tonnes of ore and waste were mined annually. Grade control is supplemented electronically by means of the loaded trucks passing under an ore discriminator for radiometric examination.

Moolmans employed 315 Namibian people during the contract period.

Strategic People Management

At Moolmans, we view strategic human resource management as the linking of human resources with strategic goals and objectives of our business in order to improve business performance and develop organizational culture that fosters our competitive advantage.

To give effect to this strategic intent, Moolmans accepts and involves the HR function as a strategic partner in the formulation and implementation of the company’s strategies.

The Moolmans strategic approach to managing its human capital is an integral part of our business strategy. Moolmans recognizes its human capital is part of its key strategic competitive advantage toward the sustainability of the business.

Therefore, Moolmans human capital policies and philosophy seek to facilitate the optimal management of this essential asset in terms of, among other things, the attraction, placement, and retention of requisite skills and talent; the development, performance management, and reward of employees; as well as the workforce engagement and alignment with the business strategic objectives.

Our Employee Value Proposition

Moolmans Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is premised on its set of company values. Our values define how we do business as well as our organizational culture. Our culture of consistent business performance over decades was on the back of our company value system.

We continue to leverage this value system to mobilize a business turnaround following the business challenges experienced over the recent past. Below is our set of company values:

Safety & Care

A home without Harm, Everyone, every day. We care for the health, safety, and well-being of our people, the communities we work in, and for our environment.

Honesty & Integrity

We do what is right – consistently and transparently.

Customer Focus

We are team players who are committed to the Moolman’s purpose, vision, and values. We respect, cooperate and collaborate with each other, tapping into our rich diversity.


We are team players who are committed to Aveng’s purpose, vision, and values. We respect, cooperate and collaborate with each other, tapping into our rich diversity.

Performance Excellence

We are clear about what we need to do to achieve the desired results. We strive for excellence and hold ourselves and each other accountable.

In addition to a strong value system, Moolmans prides itself on a solid Employee Value Proposition which consistently includes the following:

  • Longevity in tenure of service, on the back of a meaningful and rewarding work experience. Our employees generally choose to stay and associate with the Moolmans brand.
  • Consistent investment is a suit of Human Resources Development programs, including study finance assistance; leadership and management development programs at various levels; and technical and core production skills training and development.
  • Career progression focus, where most of the key placements are sourced from internal succession planning.
  • Market competitive remuneration, including performance reward schemes.
  • Attractive brand equity both within and outside SA Borders.
  • Career exposure to diverse mining commodities with multiple clients in broader geographic locations

Training And Development

Training and Development Objectives:

Moolmans recognizes that the competence of its human resources is a critical factor for its future progress and prosperity, especially in the face of global competition. We further recognize that in order to meet the skills challenges in the organization, it is strategically necessary to invest in the education, training, and skills development of our employees.

Our skills development approach is designed to facilitate the achievement of three key outcomes:

  • To implement the organization’s vision of a competent workforce that continuously meets productivity, safety, availability, utilization, and client targets.
  • To show a Return on Investment in education, training, and development.
  • To contribute to the development of a pool of skilled workers to support national and international economic growth in line with the country’s strategies regarding the education, training, and development of people.

Training and Development Value-add

Proven track record in establishing new sites in South Africa as well as in remote locations, where skills shortages were a problem. These remote locations include sites in Botswana and Zambia as well as French-speaking countries like Mali (Sadiola) and Guinea (Siguiri).

Moolmans’ training and development functions have demonstrated, with huge success, the ability to train inexperienced and unskilled people in very remote areas.  These employees are trained to supervise mining operations and operate, service, and maintain surface mobile mining equipment. This skills development has ensured safe operations and the consistent achievement of our client’s requirements.

Moolmans has a proven track record in the development of a competent workforce with the ability to operate, maintain and supervise opencast mining as well as shaft sinking and underground operations. Our training and development capabilities facilitate the delivery of the following business essentials:

  • Increased productivity: Workers can perform at a faster rate and with better efficiency, thus increasing the overall productivity of the company.
  • Improvement in workers’ performance: The employee is fully aware of his/her role and responsibilities which enables them to carry out their duties in a better way.
  • Reduced cost: There is no wastage of resources which may cause extra expenses. All machines and resources are used economically, reducing expenditure.
  • Business needs: Through training, we ensure that all our machines have more than one competent operator.
  • Multi Skilling: Ensure that we license our operators with more than one license to prevent machine standing time.
  • Clients Requirements: Train all our employees on the COP of the clients and SOP of the company to ensure compliance
  • Safe operations: Home without Harm, Everyone, Everyday

 Moolmans is an Accredited Training Provider with the Mining Qualifications Authority (MQA) Qualifications:

  • National Certificate: Rock breaking Surface Excavation Level 3 SAQA ID 62869
  • National Certificate: Generic Management NQF4
    • Basic Generic Supervision level 2 MQA/SP/0122/10
    • Intermediate Generic Management level 4 MQA/SP/0123/10
    • Advanced Generic Management level 5 MQA/SP/0121/1
  • Skills Programme: Operate Mobile Machinery for Surface Excavation Operations
  • Skills Programme: Examine and make Safe: Competent A person
  • Skills Programme: Blasting Assistant
  • Skills Programme: OHS activities for Part-Time Workplace Representatives and Shop Stewards in the Mining and Minerals Sector
  • Convey Dangerous Goods Hazchem
  • First Aid Level 1-3
  • Fire Fighting

Aveng Mining Engineering Training Centre

The effectiveness of the Plant and Engineering functions is at the core of our business performance and sustainability.

Therefore, the investment into education, training, and skills development capability is embraced as a strategic imperative within Moolmans.

Through our  Engineering Training Centres, we ensure that skills development is orientated to facilitate the delivery of key and requisite skills and competence. Our Engineering Training Centre is recognized as one of the top accredited training centers in South Africa.  We offer apprenticeships through our Engineering Training Centre accredited by the MQA and MESETA as an accredited training provider as well as a Trade Test Centre (TTC). Our training programs are in line with the National Qualification Framework.

The Aveng Mining Engineering Training Centre is accredited to run Apprenticeship Programmes where learners are taken through the applicable phases over a duration of 4 years, during which a registered trade skill is acquired by candidates to carry out a particular job function.

The training center conducts theoretical and practical assessments for the following trades:

Earthmoving Equipment Mechanics




Auto Electricians

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